What’s driving fashion retail in Southeast Asia? 


What’s driving fashion retail in Southeast Asia? 

Discover the 10 top tech trends in 2023 for fashion businesses

In 2023, Southeast Asia (SEA) is poised to be an attractive market with vast opportunities for modern fashion retailers. The region's young demographic and booming digital economy are fueling the growth.


SEA is a diverse subcontinent, with 11 countries that include Singapore, which is an established financial hub and vibrant economies such as Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.


Over 400 million internet users exist in this part of the world, making it a prime location for e-commerce companies to expand their business. The e-commerce market in SEA is estimated to reach US$158.50 billion in 2023.


As consumer spending continues to rise, 2023 will likely see a spike in digital purchases across different sales channels. The competition will be fierce, so to stand out from the crowd, fashion retailers need to accelerate digital transformation and adopt the right solutions.


In this ebook, Celine de Robillard, Retail and Omnichannel Activity Director, APJ at VISEO and Marco Lim, Head of Business Development Asia, take a look at the latest tech developments in the SEA fashion retail sector.


Top Trends detailed in the ebook

  • Predictive analytics to meet consumer needs
  • Consistent omnichannel experience powered by cloud
  • Mobile at the heart of shopping
  • The growth of social commerce
  • Second-hand, CSR and rentals
  • The customer and employee experiences go hand in hand
  • Innovations in payments
  • Security and compliance are a must
  • The future of business is composable
  • Keeping pace with the evolution of fashion retail


What’s driving fashion retail in Southeast Asia?