The state of the retail industry in APAC: VISEO experts comment - Part 3


The state of the retail industry in APAC: VISEO experts comment - Part 3

Our 4 experts tallk about the state of the retail industry in APAC.

In the first article, Céline, Digital and e-commerce expert; Kenny, Customer centric & CRM Evangelist; Nicolas, Supply chain expert focused on retail and Guillaume, versatile PM for ERP and connected planning explain what they think about the retail industry situation in APAC in light of of the recent events and trends. In the second part, our experts talked about strategies that should be favoured. In this last part, they focus on the keys of success. Discover their views.

Short or long term goal, the right data at the right time for the right employee is key to make the right decision

Guillaume Lassignardiie_VISEO APAC

Guillaume, versatile PM for ERP & connected planning

In the short term, it is necessary to have a clear assessment of your organization’s digital journey, and make sure that the final objective is clear, communicated and achievable. The long-term goal will aim at reconciling the traditional brick and mortar presence with the online emergence, by staying close to the consumers and quickly adapt to their constantly evolving needs. On this journey, it is important to start with quick wins and allocate enough resources to manage changes as entire organizations will need to transform themselves.  


It is also important to keep in mind that employees are also part of the shift. The tools they use and the data they need must be available online and not only from a specific computer in the office. The right data at the right time for the right employee is key to make the right decision.  

Knowing your buyers, knowing their triggers and what puts them off


Kenny, Customer centric & CRM evangelist

Knowing your buyers, knowing their triggers and what puts them off will go a long way in this competition to win a ‘buy’. The buyer does not need to want your product, the buyer just needs to want your product more than another product. The buyer does not need to need the product, the buyer just needs to be convinced that he/she needs the product. If a buyer can feel value or the possible loss of value, that may trigger a purchase even if the need is not there.


In essence, if the merchant is able to learn the buying patterns of different types of consumers- how decisions are made and be able to roll these back into their online commerce- they would not only have built an eCommerce site, but they would have built a selling machine which would be their ‘customer loyalty’ engine

Keeping the customer at the center of the strategy and being able to measure the impacts of every initiative

Céline de Robillard_VISEO APAC

Céline, Digital and e-commerce expert

In Asia, countries and cultures are different and this statement won’t lead to the same solution based on the country. Social commerce is rising in China, mobile commerce is exploding in Indonesia and Vietnam, omnichannel and innovative experiences are the future of retail in APAC. 


Be agile, think customer, build a simple but awesome e-commerce platform with the most seamless and adapted user experience, and with an efficient back-office to support internal teams and processes, then measure insights, and iterate.  


E-commerce platforms are now easy to build and flexible. It would be the first step towards a more integrated omnichannel experience.  


Digital commerce will be useful even for local commerce (the small local bookstore, bakery, coffee shop, shoe store...). For these smaller retailers, building an e-store is the best way to compete with e-commerce giants (Amazon, Lazada...). The objective is to remain open despite the lockdown: for instance, retailers could collaborate with their neighbours, build a common online marketplace and mutualise the costs: platform, payment gateway, delivery... Let’s turn the situation to an opportunity to think about new collaborative ways of doing business. 

Building a common strategy

Nicolas Nesme_VISEO APAC

Nicolas, Supply chain expert, focused on retail

After a few rounds of discussions to decide which direction to take, it becomes a matter of being aligned quickly to win this battle TOGETHER. Hence, a common strategy needs to be put in place (besides usual purchase orders cancellation, negotiating payment terms with you suppliers, …): 


- Deciding to collaborate actively to sell the products whatever the channel, department without any silos 

- Selling, selling, selling to ensure revenues and decrease the stocks through online discounts, loyalty points, gifts even more true for customer usually off-line 

- Overall incentive on the sales whatever the channel to push people in the store to redirect to the sales on e-commerce and Vice-versa (click and reserve, …) 

- Adapting the KPIs (inventory, revenue, …) to be global and to trigger initiatives to not protect only each channel KPIs but whole company’s KPIs 

- Using agility to quickly provide new ways of selling (individuals and their communities, …) and delivering the goods as the usual delivery channels (Grab, Gojek, Lalamove, temporary employment, …) are overloaded as customers are rushing on e-commerce, sometimes in not reasonable way  


Agility, quick decisions, out of the box and open-minded solutions towards securing the business through e-commerce sounds like the first step to be done. Then it is also important to plan for the future to ensure to be ready when the business is getting better although it is even more difficult with long lead times! 

How can VISEO help ?

VISEO offers a complete range of expertise and solutions for the retail industry.  


We have a strong track-record as we have worked for some of the most notorious brands in the world. We follow your projects from end to end, from their user research and set-up with consulting practices, to the architecture design and to the full implementation of omnichannel strategies. We follow you from end-to-end, ensuring the best return on investment for your projects. 


Over the years we have built strategic partnerships with some of the best software vendors to provide to our customers an integrated model including all required features and outcomes 



- We have all the expertise to carry out e-commerce and omnichannel implementation projects in an interdisciplinary way.  From designers, consultants, developers, architects to data scientists, we have all these disciplines available within VISEO and we can build the most relevant team for our clients. 

- We have a strong track record in the retail sector, and we leverage  our experience to best advise our customers. In two to six  months, depending on the complexity of the project, we can show a first e-commerce MVP, that will be enriched regularly in the future to better meet the clients’ needs. 


Customer experience :With design thinking and user research, we design the best and most seamless experiences, understanding customers’ expectations and connecting online to offline journeys. 


Planning : Solutions such as Colibri and Anaplan can now help do simulation with different scenarios to assess impacts: from budget to replenishments via forecasts, assortment, clusters/stores management, Human resources planning and scheduling…With Anaplan and as Connected Planning Solution, Sales commissions and Retail Price’s (for instance) adjustments and impacts on the sales and the business can be easily assessed. 


Retail & Back-Office : Retail/POS solutions and ERP - as the foundation of the IT ecosystem - need to be stable and integrated. If not now because you want to focus on e-commerce, keep thinking ahead for later and integrate their evolution in your strategy. 


Data analytics/AI : Analyzing off-line/online customer behaviors will help to address their needs and expectations to better serve them and to have an adapted offer to secure sales, to redirect offline to online, increase promotion success rate… 


Evolving CRM platform : link to above, a better understanding of customers, better classifications and hence an evolved CRM integrating Marketing, Sales, Services would help to provide a better online and offline Customer experience. 


As a middle size and global player, we are flexible and agile, and we can tailor a solution to fit every customer’s specific needs, monitoring cost control, ROI and international scalability. 


You want to discuss about your project with our team, contact us!