Christmas Sales I VISEO

Thought Leadership

How do shoppers in Asia benefit from a seamless Omnichannel eCommerce experience during the Christmas and Holiday Season?  

The countdown to Asia’s Christmas and Holiday sales holidays season has begun. Some of the biggest shopping events in our region in December are Double 12 or 12.12, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The good news is there is still time to optimize your peak season sales strategy. 

It is important for brands to invest in having an omni-channel presence on peak sales season. Omnichannel refers to providing a unified experience across all your customer touch points, whether it is through your first party data connections like email and loyalty club or through paid social ads that drive to social selling integrations within the platform you are advertising on. 


Below, Sumita Ayyappan Rajeswari, Shopify Practice Lead, VISEO, provides recommendations for Asia retailers to get ahead of the curve: 


1. There is a huge opportunity for businesses to expand their reach beyond just their online store and so would need to identify top opportunity sales channels across social, in-person selling and marketplaces during the Christmas and Holiday season.  

2. During 2021 , Peak Sales season, the number of sales generated by seamless social interactions almost tripled compared to 2020. Shopify makes it easy to reap the benefits of multi-channel selling with seamless integrations to Instagram, Facebook, Google, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Snapchat and now YouTube.  

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