Climate Fresk x VISEO's workshops


Climate Fresk x VISEO's workshops

VISEO offers to the employees an interactive awareness-raising workshop on the challenges of climate change. What is it? What are the objectives? How are the workshops going? What are the feedbacks from our employees?

During these workshops, employees learn more about the climate change and reflect collectively on courses of action to act positively in favour of the environment.


What is the Climate Fresk? 

To achieve this goal, VISEO started to collaborate with The Climate Fresk, which is a nonprofit organization founded in December 2018 whose aim is to raise public awareness about climate change.


Why are we doing it? 

One of the pillars of VISEO Group CSR policy is to act for a sustainable Digital Future including the reduction of our Carbone footprint. The first step is to build a global in-depth awareness of the physics and consequences of climate change. 

And because we also know that every step-in favour of the environment counts, we want to make our employees to be the true ambassadors. 


How is workshop working?

The workshop is a three-hour collaborative serious game which summarizes the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and is divided in three distinct phases:

1/ first phase consists in discovering and linking the cards by cause-consequence relationships to build the Fresk. 

2/ second phase is creative: the participants decorate the Fresk and choose a title. 

3/ last phase is a debrief enabling a discussion about players' feelings, positions, questions and both individual and collective solutions.


Climate Fresk Singapore

Let’s hear the feedback from our employees:


"It was a great interactive session. I like the pattern of the facilitation since we are the one participating to understand and do hands-on the different level. It was very educative and an eye opener to see how every problem starts with small activity we do and also it is hopeful that there can be huge changes with first small steps. This session should be made mandatory for everyone”.


“Thanks to climate fresk team to conduct an eye-opening workshop that reiterates the fact that “Climate change is real, and we cannot take this planet for granted”. The interactive workshop made is super clear with the concepts that we are facing in the world today and how it impacts our day-to-day lives, with also possible mitigation solutions.”


“We cannot change the past but start to think how we can change our tomorrow. It is never too late! Thanks to this collaborative workshop, we can see how our human activities have a snowball effect on the Climate, globally on the planet. Climate Fresk is an innovative way to raise our awareness about Climate issues. Raise our awareness is just a beginning!”


“Einstein said “if I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions”, it is exactly what was happening through this workshop. It helps putting in perspective the root causes and nesting the impacts and negative loop to better understand the severity of what we are facing. I also loved interacting with collegues on this tricky topic to share feelings and energy, probably hopes. Thanks VISEO Spirit to bring us the opportunity to tackle this collective concern.”


“The workshop provided me with more information on the climate changes (the who, what and how to mitigate) even though the issue is known. My feeling before the workshop and after workshop remains as happy (optimistic) yet at the same time disgusted because it is started from the human activities and not due to environmental changes.”


“The Climate Fresk was an eye-opening experience! I did have some kind of knowledge about climate change, but this workshop actually allowed me to connect the dots in the matter. Knowing more about the topic made me more aware about the urgency around climate change, which encouraged me to be more mindful of my environment in my daily life. Thibaut has been a great facilitator, kept the workshop very interactive and knew how to pick our minds and make us reflect together on some possible solutions.”


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