Data Science by VISEO

Data Science

Thanks to the unique combination of all its skills (Consulting, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence), VISEO supports you around major axes of your data recovery projects.
Data science by VISEO

Framing and advice

The motivations that lead a company to initiate a data science project are often multiple, such as being an opportunity to initiate a digital transformation. Whatever the origin, the approach associated with the implementation of a valorization project - must take into account the inherent risks: choice and formalization of the uses case, criteria of success, organization of the project, technological choices, support for change.

VISEO supports you around the main axes of the valorization of the data and helps you to:

  • Identify relevant value-creating use cases and their feasibility
  • Test and evaluate operational performance by implementing POCs and prototypes
  • Deploy the processing on the data
  • Accompany organizational changes

In January 2018, our Data Science experts designed Data eXploration Lab, our new offering that allows businesses to assess the feasibility of a Big Data/Data Science project on both economic and technical aspects.

From prototype to deployment

With more than a hundred projects, the VISEO team works on many sectors and professions on topics requiring analysis of navigation paths, images, time series, text.

It is based on a methodology, CRISP, associating clients and consultants, converging towards a solution adapted to the data, the technological environment and the expected operational uses.

Whether on quickwin or more ambitious projects, VISEO can recommend appropriate technological choices or take into account the existing ones. The Data Science team covers the majority of existing tools, be it on languages, data visualization or Cloud platforms

Data science by VISEO


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