BOOSTHEAT chooses VISEO to support it in its digital transformation with Salesforce

BOOSTHEAT, an energy efficiency trailblazer, shares its experience in using Salesforce for sales, marketing and customer service. 

A pioneer in a new energy era since 2011, BOOSTHEAT has designed, developed and patented a breakthrough technology that revolutionizes the energy consumption of the home: a thermal compressor that provides exceptional efficiency and thus gives rise to a completely new generation of boilers.


To provide all the services for its customers: design, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance, BOOSTHEAT has adopted Salesforce to manage customer relations and achieve better performance.  

A digital Customer Centric strategy orchestrated with Salesforce

To be able to support its customers and prospects throughout their career, BOOSTHEAT turned to Salesforce with the support of the VISEO team. Salesforce has simplified the daily lives of sales, marketing and customer service teams.


From Salesforce Pardot, the marketing team is able to capture leads via the website, qualify them and deploy nurturing campaigns. The team is also working on the definition and deployment of an automated customer loyalty program powered by the Pardot studio commitment.    


From the Cloud Service, the customer service team can qualify, inform and inform customers directly from Salesforce. The team coordinates field operations and plans visits for habitat analysis. And with the Salesforce mobile application, project managers can check their customer's history just before a mobile appointment. "Salesforce significantly improves the work of our field teams. »


"The Sales team saves time and becomes more efficient at all stages of the sales process," explains François Barjon, BOOSTHEAT's Digital Marketing Director. "In a way, Salesforce has allowed us to simplify and digitalize our processes to make our teams much more agile."


VISEO supports BOOSTHEAT in its customer digitisation projects

"The VISEO team has been able to adapt and be a force of proposal to support, throughout the project, a company like BOOSTHEAT, full of energy and with ideas that flow. "says François Barjon. To meet BOOSTHEAT's expectations, VISEO proposed to structure the deployment in several phases:


#1: Sales Cloud deployment support, Cloud Service based on workshops to collect needs, configure, receive, change support, Admin & user training.


Support for the implementation of Pardot based on workshops to understand the needs, analyze and optimize the digital communication strategy. VISEO also helped to increase the competence of the Marketing team on the tool. 


#2: Integration into an existing complex IS, Evolutions and interfacing. 


#3: Field Service Lightning deployment based on workshops to collect needs, configuration, training.


BOOSTHEAT & the VISEO team continue to work together on new projects for 2019 and in particular on the IoT deployment to prepare the connected boiler of tomorrow! 


Discover how BOOSTHEAT is transforming its customers' experience with Salesforce. 


With the testimony of François Barjon, Digital Marketing Director BOOSTHEAT

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