Berluti Implementation of SAP AFS in 11 countries

Berluti Implementation of SAP AFS in 11 countries


Berluti, a luxury brand created in 1895 and specializing in leather goods for men, chose SAP AFS to accompany its growth. 

This ambitious project to define a SAP AFS core system and to deploy in 11 countries in Europe, Asia and America, was lead in a year, and meet with all the goals that were set:


- Implement a competitive platform enable to sustain the company’s growth

- Implement a strong core model based on SAP in order to become a single entity

- The solution covers the following processes: finance, management control, supply and sales

- Enable the homogenization of processes and documents

- Have a technical architecture centered on SAP


VISEO presence around the world made this project a true success, first step to build a common information system.  


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