The Relationship Scenarios To Be Set Up Through Marketing Automation


The Relationship Scenarios To Be Set Up Through Marketing Automation

VISEO, Salesforce integrator partner, can help you set up automated scenarios on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, to boost and personalize your customer relations! A Thought Leadership Article by Anne-Sophie, Marketing Digital & CRM Consultant for VISEO. 

The automated customer scenario, an essential ingredient of your relationship marketing plan


The relationship marketing plan sets out all of the company's current and future relationship programs to achieve your Customer Relations / CRM objectives (loyalty, retention, qualification, etc.). This marketing plan consists of scripted relationship scenarios or marketing automation, i.e. series of messages sent automatically or "triggers", according to customer behavior. 


For example: I subscribe to a new online service, I receive a welcome email the same day, then a video tutorial three days later to complete this welcome email. These emails are sent automatically, scheduled in advance on the marketing automation platform.

The must-haves in customer scenarios


Welcome: welcome a new customer to start your relationship with them properly, a prerequisite!


Shopping cart relaunch: in e-commerce, 75% of shopping carts are abandoned. A must-have scenario, as it allows you to optimize the conversion rate of your e-commerce site. 


Up and cross-sell: the effectiveness of these techniques is no longer in question since the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 - 70% vs. 5 - 20% for a prospective customer.


Birthday:  "customer birthday" scenarios can generate revenue for you, and also encourage brand loyalty!


Spending points levels: reminding your customer of their points balance and the number of points they need to reach the next level, thus encouraging them to buy, and also showing them the generosity of your loyalty program.


Reactivation / Inactivity: effectively reactivate a customer who comes less often and/or spends a little less each time, a scenario that should not be overlooked when you know that it costs seven times more to acquire a new customer than to retain them!


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