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How to create a Winning Assortment & Buy strategy?    

Predicting trends, creating customer-centric assortments, aligning with financial plans and maximizing profits are real challenges for you. Optimise your planning process with Anaplan and offer the right products, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity. Discover How To Create a Winning Assortment & Buy Strategy with VISEO & Anaplan. 



Assortment planning is the step in the retail value chain where you make the right product choices and buy the right quantities to meet market demand. Anaplan connected planning is a very agile technology to create next gen planning capabilities and meet advanced business requirements of fashion retailers and luxury brands.


Plan the ideal mix of merchandise for each market, channel, and store cluster, supported by real-time collaboration and simulations. VISEO’s app for Assortment & Buy helps fashion brands and retailers foster best practices and replace spreadsheets with faster and more collaborative solutions:


- Determine the optimal assortment for each unique location, channel and customer segment.

- Ensure more consistency and commonality between brands and regions.

- Optimize buy and stock management at region/warehouse levels.

- Implement store-specific allocation logic.

- Ensure alignment with merchandise financial targets.



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With a proven expertise and over 20 years working beside fashion retailers and luxury brands, VISEO is offering next-gen planning capabilities to optimize every aspect of the planning process, from financial ambitions for next year, to in-season tactical optimizations at both store and customer levels.


We have designed our Assortment & Buy solution to help you:  


- Ensure brand consistency in the process of determining assortments with respect to financial goals.

- Fine-tune assortments at size/style/color when required using demand profiles and historical data.

- Modelize promotion management, halo, and cannibalization relationships.

- Ensure a fluid collaboration between merch teams, buyers, supply chain, and production.



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