Anaplan for Fashion par VISEO


Anaplan for Fashion for the Retail, Fashion and Luxury industries

VISEO has used its extensive expertise in the Retail, Fashion and Luxury sectors to build with Anaplan a set of six out-of-the-box solutions designed to help retailers gain the agility, insight, and flexibility needed to address their most pressing business challenges. 

Retail leaders are no strangers to the complexity and upheaval of their sector. The pace of change we are seeing today - rising prices, excessive fluctuation on stocks or pressure from consumers - proves just how important agility is to the success of retailers.


In this challenging economic context, the best-performing retail companies are those that: 


> define the right strategies to deal with rising costs, complex supply chains, assortment optimisation issues and omnichannel challenges.


> embrace technologies able to provide agility and collaboration between finance, procurement, production, human resources and sales.


> take advantage of digital to transform their processes and operations in order to anticipate the impact on margins, better manage their planning strategy and react quickly to market hazards.


How can you stay on course in a tough economic climate? How can you cope with uncertainty and meet demand through agile planning?


Discover how VISEO & Anaplan can meet your challenges with the Anaplan for Fashion solutions kit.


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