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Groupe Renault innovates with VISEO and Microsoft on the Blockchain

By leveraging Blockchain technology, customers will be able to save all vehicle information to a streamlined, tamperproof and secure digital car maintenance book.

A technological innovation at the customer service ; A maintenance book simple and tamper-proof ; The result of an « Open Innovation » collaboration between Renault, Microsoft and VISEO

Groupe Renault today announced a prototype for a digital car maintenance book, leveraging the power of Blockchain technology, built in collaboration with Microsoft and VISEO. Blockchain technology ensures that data in the car passport is stored in a secure and transparent manner.

Currently, information about customers and their vehicles is spread across multiple information systems maintained by automakers, insurers, repair shops, and more. This new digital car maintenance book, with its open architecture, gathers all important information in one place accessible by the customer. For instance, if an owner wants to sell a vehicle, he/she can make information about the history of the vehicle more transparent by authorizing the potential buyer to access all the data in the digital car maintenance book, creating more trust between the buyer and the seller.

This digital car maintenance book will enable us to provide our customers with new services in an ecosystem alongside insurers and dealers. Blockchain technology is able to create a reliable trust protocol,” explained Elie Elbaz, Digital & Connected Vehicles Director for Groupe Renault. "Beyond this project, this technology will be a major step forward for connected vehicles and the micro-transactions and security requirements associated with them.

This achievment is the result of an Open Innovation collaboration with Microsoft and VISEO

- As part of the project, Microsoft provided access to the Microsoft Azure Blockchain technology, the open, agile and cost-effective platform and toolset used to develop and deploy the solution.


As a continuation of our partnership in the realm of connected vehicles, we are pleased to be able to support Renault with its digital transformation and to work together to create an innovative Blockchain solution that has the potential to consolidate an entire vehicle ecosystem and ensure that the information shared by all can be trusted,”states Bernard Ourghanlian, Microsoft France CTO. 


Microsoft collaborates with customers and partners to understand the primary industry scenarios and develop the technology and ecosystems that will enable businesses, governments and individuals to successfully utilize Blockchain technology.


- VISEO, a consulting firm with cutting-edge expertise in Blockchain technology, oversaw the overall technological implementation of the project (working closely with BitSe, a Chinese start-up) as well as the user design.


“We believe in the potential of the Blockchain technology, especially for what it can bring in the evolution of the transparency of relationships between economic partners of a B2B ecosystem. We have dedicated Blockchain teams in our digital factories, which allows us to incubate projects such as the one conducted with Renault. We have been able to deliver in a few weeks a complete digital asset ready to scale-up,” explains Eric Perrier, Managing Director of VISEO.

Through this collaborative approach, Groupe Renault and its RCI Bank and Services subsidiary were able to access expertise that is not yet commonly available in the market, enabling them to grasp the various technological options and identify business opportunities early on in the process.


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