connected planning

Connected Planning

Transform the way you plan your business with Anaplan !

Digital rise, relocation, click and collect increase… all these factors make it crucial for brands to rethink their supply chain to gain in agility and scalability

Because it is at the core of the operational and economic performance, supply chain has become a critical challenge in the transformation of the retail industry. It must be quickly reconfigured to support the fast-paced evolutions of the industry and allow its key players to gain time and efficiency.

Retailers have an opportunity to rethink the supply chain today to meet tomorrow's challenges of eco-design and eco-manufacturing of distributed products. How? By controlling the manufacturing and supply chain from start to finish.

Anaplan : An innovative and evolutive cloud-based solution

Anaplan’s cloud-native, flexible and efficient planning platform is now widely deployed in the retail industry to modernize the supply chain.

Modernization projects target the entire supply chain, from sales forecast to execution systems monitoring (component supplying, replenishment for distribution) and intelligently combine strategic and operational planning (long/medium/short term).

Accelerating the realization of Connected Planning transformation project 

Anaplan pioneer Connected Planning helps steadily connect business processes and people around a common and consistent vision. It’s the real-life embodiment of the interlock of business processes: demand, production and sourcing; but also finance, pricing, marketing (promotion, products sales cycles…).

Also, centralizing all the data on a single platform significantly reduces the processing time in comparison to consolidating different spreadsheets. More importantly, it ensures continually improving data security – no more famous Excel file to look for!

Lastly, Anaplan is an opportunity to model all the planning processes on a unique platform.

connected planning
clients benefits

What are the benefits recognized by our clients?

  • A fully configurable and customizable tool that enables building tailored solutions to support the customer’s growth objective
  • Real-time analytics able to simulate the impact of assumptions and compare different scenarios
  • A tool capable of flexible adjustments and constrained optimization that supports ambitious goals: DDMRP implementation, shortage or overcapacity management…
  • An easy-to-use product with spreadsheet-like look and feel, making any customer quickly proficient, which can be used across the different business lines
  • Shorter implementation time – part of the functionalities can be productive in 3-4 months
  • High availability (>99%) cloud-based servers accessible from a simple web browser

VISEO, an Anaplan partner for retail and supply chain

As a strategic Anaplan partner since 2014, VISEO supports about 50 major players of the retail industry in their digital transformation projects as well as in their worldwide optimization projects daily. Our teams provide end-to-end support, from consulting services to application maintenance: scope assessment, project management assistance, management and implementation of solutions, international rollouts…Beyond our Anaplan expertise, we offer our customers an end-to-end approach, in fact we provide agile transformation or change management services on demand.

Our main competitive advantages can be summarized in 5 points:



Numerous well-known references by sector and a 360-degree vision of the current challenges and mutations in the retail industry.
Core competencies

Core competencies

Core-competencies specific to supply chain and merchandizing processes – namely with Anaplan – more specifically in the Fashion and Luxury industry
End-to-end customer support

End-to-end customer support

End-to-end customer support, from solution design to Anaplan applications maintenance – supported by a dedicated Global Center of Excellence
Project methodology

Project methodology

Our agile-inspired project methodology aimed at actively involving our customers’ teams in the design and build of their solution


Our accelerators for project design and delivery: ready-made starter kits and applications enable quick projects deliveries.

To know more, discover our ebook : Retailers, how to reinvent your supply chain ?


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