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ReadSoft now Lexmark

Capture documents and automate processes

ReadSoft offers document processing and automation solutions totally integrated and certified by SAP. This global and modular integrated platform allows to take into account and to accelerate Purchase to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C) processes of companies via the automation of commercial documents in SAP.

VISEO, as a ReadSoft Platinum Partner, distributes ReadSoft solutions in Europe, the United States and in Asia, implements solutions, insures software support and has developed a third-party maintenance system in order to follow clients in the long-term.

ReadSoft has been a pioneer in P2P invoice automation since the 1990s, when the company first brought free-form technology for invoice processing to market. Today, ReadSoft continues to be a global leader in business document process automation, with 2,500+ accounts payable solution applications worldwide – more than double the total applications of all major competitors put together.

Readsoft has helped over 12,000 customers globally realize benefits such as faster and less expensive document processing and increased control. Choosing ReadSoft as a business partner means securing access to innovative imaging and workflow technology, personalized service, and expert technical support.

Whether you’re automating accounts payable processing or following any other document-intensive procedure such as data entry, document classification, or information matching against ERP systems, if you are looking for more information, contact us.

In 2014, Lexmark acquired ReadSoft with the vision of providing businesses an unmatched combination of technologies and expertise for automating their financial processes, from start to finish.