Supply Chain
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Supply Chain Management

Optimization, maintenance and integration of the Supply Chain
VISEO assists its clients with the optimization, integration and maintenance of their supply chain. With a strong expertise in supply chain management (SCM), VISEO has created a dedicated business unit and now offers a complete solution covering all the functional perimeters of the value chain.

Our teams get involved from the consulting phase up until the third party maintenance phase while assuring the conception, fulfillment and integration of the supply chain solution. The supply chain software tools integrated by VISEO (TXT e-solutions and DynaSys) cover the entire supply chain, from the supplier to the client (planning of provisions, of production, of distribution, etc…). These solutions aim to improve the speed, the flexibility and the collaborative nature of the supply chain to improve their performance. Performance which must be measured to guarantee the transparency from one side of the supply chain to the other.

Supply chain processes that can be optimized by VISEO:

  • Demand & Forecast Management
  • Sales & Planning Budgeting
  • Sales & Operation Planning
  • Distribution Planning
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • Procurement Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Supplier Relationship Management

These new challenges impact companies’ top priorities, such as improving client satisfaction, reducing the total costs of the supply chain and improving sales. 


Benefits tied to Supply Chain Management:

  • Reliability gained from sales provisions
  • Better reactivity to client’s needs and market demands
  • Greater reliability of plans, stock capacities, logistics networks and previsions
  • Reduction of stocks and thus costs of financial cycles
  • Gained visibility and agility



Acome: Conducting a scoping mission to improve business processes (setting up interviews with operational and general management, support in the development of functional scenarios).

Christian Dior Couture: Deployment, maintenance and evolution of retail and buying session applications (TXT project). VISEO assists DIOR in the implementation of a N1 support, in the management of a program on regular evolution of new applications based on business needs and the implementation of a VISEO maintenance program on Supply Chain applications.

Essilor: Implementation of DynaSys to carry out reporting and simulations using n.SKEP® Master Planning.

Lindt: Implementation of the DynaSys planning module for the development of PIC (Industrial and Commercial Plan) and PDP (Production Plan). 

SAPA: VISEO supported SAPA in the implementation of an organization and an agile information system to fit the market: Review of processes and implementation of an Agile Supply Chain.


For more information about our expertise in Supply Chain and our solutions please contact us.


Solution Manager
Gilles Perez

Gilles PEREZ started his career about twenty years ago in an IT services company who mainly intervened in the textile sector near Rouen.

Attracted by the logistic part of the job, he joined a European group, leader on its sector, in order to work on the implementation of group management systems for the new subsidiaries. These tasks, which were technical and functional, enabled him to evolve towards organization tasks.

Naturally, he was led to join a supply chain consultancy firm in order to manage many scoping, diagnostic and optimization missions, for companies with an international reputation.

Within VISEO, he is Director of Activity to accompany you in the optimization, the implementation and the support of your supply chain.