Supply Chain Meetup Jakarta

Jakarta Meet Up: Best Practices in Supply Chain Planning

27 September 2018 From 13h00
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Effective demand planning helps reduce operational costs and increase profits. This can translate to hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of savings for an organisation. However, having the right product at the right place and time may be difficult to achieve considering market competition and complexities within the supply chain.


During this session, Mr. Nicolas Nesme will share about best practices in supply chain planning, specifically in demand planning and inventory management. At the same time, he will also be sharing how these best practices can be implemented easily in modern supply chain management tools, such as Colibri.


Colibri is a collaborative demand and supply planning solution edited by VISEO. There are two modules in Colibri, VISION and FLOW.

Colibri VISION gives users the capability to create accurate and reliable forecasts, enabling efficient collaboration between different users as they monitor and improve the forecast process.

Colibri FLOW allows users to manage the logistic rules, distribution options and exception alerts. Users are able to obtain future visibility of the replenishment actions required to efficiently satisfy the market demand.


Join us for this free sharing session to learn about best practices in demand planning and inventory management, and have a glimpse of the Colibri demo!



About the speaker:

Nicolas Nesme, SCO Manager Asia, VISEO Asia


With nearly 16 years of experience working in cross-functional areas and a passion for Supply Chain Management, Nicolas has been attending and speaking at various events and workshops in recent years to keep himself updated with efficient organisation processes to better serve business needs and goals.


Prior to working for VISEO Asia, Nicolas has worked in various companies involved in ERP, ICT and Operations in France, China and Singapore. Nicolas holds a master’s degree in Purchase and Sales Management from University de Grenoble and a MSc in Supply Chain Management from KEDGE Business School (former ISLI – BEM).


His areas of expertise include:

  • Supply Chain Management
    • Planning (Demand, Distribution, Production and Procurement)
    • Execution (Sales and Purchase Order Processes, Warehouse Management, Shipments, Imports/Exports, Tracing and Tracking, SC Audits)
  • Enterprise Processes and Information/Goods Flows (Finance, Purchase, Sales, CRM, Services, Projects)
  • IT, ERP, CRM, Project Management, BU Management
Event Location

Wisma Mampang 5th Floor
Jalan Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 1