BIRCHMAN Spain & Azure by VISEO
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Birchman Spain, VISEO Group, gets a new Microsoft co-sell ready recognition

with Azure for SAP solutions
19 Juin 2018

Again, hardly working with the One Commercial Partner (OCP) Microsoft team, Birchman (VISEO Group) already got a new experience solution recognition as a Co-Sell Ready Partner that is our global Azure for SAP practice.

Their highest experiences in SAP solutions and also in Microsoft cloud, professionally joined, makes Birchman a key competitor once the discussion on how can I move my SAP to the cloud.

This kind of homologation must makes us more competitive within de whole Microsoft universe, from their current customer base to any collaboration on demand generation.

Fields where we’re ready to achieve any Azure for SAP project would be:

•SAP environment migration to Azure Cloud
•SAP non-production environments migration
•Hybrid solutions, combining on-prem with cloud
•New SAP installations
•SAP high availability solutions on Azure Cloud
•Or specific solutions such as SAP cloud backup, DRaaS or archiving