VISEO Asia Ecommerce Success Story
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VISEO brings a piece of Orchard Road to the cyber-way

E-commerce Success Story
July 04, 2018

With towers of fashion adorning the sidewalks of Singapore’s Orchard Road, one of the country’s biggest retailers stood before the challenge of bringing an off-line catalog to a rising generation of e-shoppers. More than convinced by the endeavor, our team embarked upon a journey with design as our captain and agility as our motor.

The Shopify Dilemma

Our initial question: will Shopify do the job? The initial phase of our project involved a review of an existing Shopify store featuring a limited catalog. This store raised many pain-points for our client and made our team question the ability of Shopify to meet the complex needs of a major retailer. We engaged Shopify experts and challenged the platform with a list of necessary requirements. For example: Will Shopify allow us to synchronize store and online stock to maintain fulfilment status? For these types of concerns, our team worked closely with the client and experts to find easy-to-implement solutions that proved successful and assured us of Shopify’s capabilities to get the job done.

The Freedom in Design and Agility

Stylish Stas, Fitness Felicia and Saving Susan guided us as we imagined an ideal e-commerce platform for our end-users. These personae (archetypes to represent our target end-users) and other human-centered design methods, along with the flexibility provided by an agile approach, allowed us to define, ideate and test our solution live. We entered the project with the goal of an MVP (minimum viable product). This meant defining the most necessary features for our users and focusing our time and energy on these features only. Upon releasing our MVP to market, we immediately saw how users interacted with the platform and we found ways to improve. We then made necessary adjustments and continued building a backlog for later releases with even more features.


Designing an e-commerce platform for one of Singapore’s biggest retailers means providing the ability to feature a large diversity of products (also known as SKUs or stock keeping units). The brand team needed a series of guidelines and an appropriate back-end platform to allow them to quickly upload assets as seamlessly as possible. As deadlines approached, the rush to get quality assets online remained priority number one. With a mountain of products looming over the brand team, we engaged backup from our team in Cebu who willingly assisted in making assets ready for production. Although certain SKUs missed the cut for the first release, a well-defined and robust logic allowed the brand team to confidently continue the job and continue brining store products into cyberspace.

Changing a mindset

Going from hanging clothes on a rack to hanging clothes within a <div>…<div\> means new rules and new challenges. Our client knows how to bring customers in store, but bringing customers online remains a completely different affair. More than simply creating a responsive, mobile-friendly website, we worked with the client to help everyone better understand and manage useful online customer services, search engine optimization (SEO), impactful marketing strategies and efficient order management, just to name a few. By conducting a customer study at the beginning of the project, our teams collectively confronted the assumptions we held about our target e-shoppers and made decisions, not according to the way things occur in an off-line world, but to the way things occur in the world of e-commerce. This new mindset generated growth, not only for the project, but also for the entire project team.

The feeling of being live

50% OFF! NEW IN! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Welcome to the online shopping experience! EXPLORE! CLICK! BUY! Today our client understands one very important thing about e-shoppers: they all ride in a Lamborghini flying down the cyber-way at 402km/h. Grabbing their attention requires placing the brand in the right place, at the right time and with the right message. Seduce them with an image, a catch phrase, a discount; make them want to stop! And when they stop, make it simple, quick and easy to understand. Bringing the Orchard Road experience online is a difficult task, but thanks to a team of talented developers, designers and project managers, accompanied by the passion that drove our client to embark upon this journey with us, we now proudly boast one very seamless e-commerce experience. As our Agile mindset demands, we continue to reiterate and redefine as new requirements surface, but the foundation on which we build remains extremely solid.


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