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Reorganization of decision-making applications

 “VISEO’s skills in ergonomics and design, mixed with their knowledge in our sector, strongly contributed to the success of the project.” Josiane Denardi, Application Manager for Albéa. 

Companies gather more and more data in order to make strategic decisions easier. However, such volume of information can be difficult to analyze, especially for big companies, thus creating issues when they need to publish clear reports or share operational dashboards. This is the issue faced by Albéa, a company providing solutions for the make-up, fragrance and skincare market.

An intuitive and ergonomic application

The company wanted to put in place dashboards to display clearly and simply strategic information on their key accounts. Until recently, Albéa used an application which did not have a proper design, thus complicating the task to generate a dashboard. “We observed that today, everyday-life apps are really easy to use and benefit from a quality design, which is rarely the case for software packages” explains Josiane Denardi. Albéa’s goals were clear: to deploy an intuitive application which did not require any training, and which matched the actual web standards.

A strong support

Albéa asked VISEO, SAP Gold Partner, to take care of the project. VISEO gathered a strong team accompanied by graphic designers and an ergonomist, in order to define the user pathway and create the application’s functional and graphical aspects. The main idea was to retrieve the SAP BI 4 dashboard module, which is already equipped with a modern design, and to connect it to the Business Warehouse application already used by Albéa. The application prototype was quickly put in place between April and June 2014 and was introduced to the management committee who immediately supported it. No complementary training is necessary to use the app! “This prototype’s deployment was convincing, and encourages us to consider a broader implementation towards our general management” concludes Josiane Denardi.

About Albéa

Albéa is one of the world’s leading packaging companies providing a wide range of solutions for the make-up, fragrance, skincare, personal and oral care markets. Headquartered in France, Albéa employs 16,700 people and operates with 46 manufacturing facilities in 14 different countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Its people, skills and energy revolve around four major expertises: Tubes, Dispensing systems, Cosmetic rigid packaging (mascara, lipstick, lipgloss, compact, fragrance and skincare caps) and Beauty Solutions (cosmetic accessories, bags and promotional items and full service). 

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