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IoT Innovation Offer

Innovate with new services & interactions
The major changes in technological paradigms offered by the Internet of Things open the door to new business models, services and interactions, which must be specified, initiated and developed.

After an unbridled adolescence, the connected objects are at the dawn of a more peaceful phase of maturity. It is now a matter of reconnecting to users in the phases of ideation, prototype and realization. This goes through more "user centric" approaches that combine up-front design thinking and lean startup from the earliest prototypes. It is necessary to imagine new useful services, created under tension of users through a succession of phases of opening and refocusing to converge towards the more efficient idea.

From users point of view, the connected objects offer the possibility of a digital world without friction, simplified, freed from the smartphone and reduced to the essentials. Supported by the fast emergence of solutions to naturally converse with our daily services, connected objects open up the massive potential of digital adoption by the greatest number.

But the challenge quickly becomes to be able to realize ideas. In POC first, but very quickly to scale, with strong requirements in terms of user experience, techniques, responsiveness and quality. To meet such challenges, one could naively imagine that the budget is a secondary issue. On the contrary, this is not the case. Agile methods offer the only truly credible and proven answer, like the Pikit project at Carrefour, to tackle these sets of constraints, by posing the equation "minimum resources / maximum value" as a true mantra. This saving of resources is paradoxically very virtuous. Coupled with the "time to market" mentioned above, it creates the conditions for a real positive tensioning of engineers who are often all the more creative as they are constrained.

From the emergence of the idea to its realization, VISEO provides you the skills to innovate with new services and interactions. Discover our words of experts and customer use cases related to the world of the Internet of Objects, as well as all our latest news.

Solution Manager
Thibault Celier

Thibault CELIER started his career in 2000 at Cegetel, in wholesale, when cellphones and high-speed internet were growing.

In 2005, he joins the consulting sector and specializes in digital issues in audiovisual medias (VoD, interactive TV, mobile TV…), and accompanies clients such as SFR, Orange or Europacorp.

In 2010, he joins Novedia as Media Director. He then develops an offer dedicated to new television experiences. He initiates and accompanies the first steps of the second-screen and the social TV for Canal+, France Télévisions or France 24.

In 2014, he starts to develop an activity centered on creating communities and innovative digital services for the products and brands of VISEO’s clients.

Thibault also teaches medias and audiovisual around the sector’s new issues in various classes. He graduated from the Institut Supérieur d’Electronique of Paris, and has a Masters D2A in law and administration of audiovisual communication (Paris I).