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Web and Mobile

Technical expertise and development
VISEO accompanies its clients during their web and mobile projects. They can be very different: adapting business processes to mobility, implementing existing applications (specific or ERP), selecting the best platform for the context (iOS, Android, HTML5…), or developing and deploying applications.

Developing new digital devices has become quite complex:

  • Multi-device, Multi-OS, Multi-channel
  • Collaborative, real-time and contextualized
  • With many types of interactions and which can be multi-screens

VISEO meets the need of managing these new technologies by accompanying its clients in:

  • Managing technological stakes and development industry (recommendation, training, architecture, industrialization)
  • Designing their devices front and back-ends by applying an agile methodology


Total: analysis of the mobility needs and implementation of best practices

Bouygues construction: implementation of the hybrid development sector

Orange: analysis of the IoT B2B platform market and recommendations

France TV: design and technical development of a second-screen platform

Allianz: development of connected driving mobile applications

Intent: design and technical development of a service platform for smart home

Solution Managers
Eric Brulatout

Eric BRULATOUT joined VISEO in 2006 to be Project Director for many projects on various subjects such as: SocialTV, Internet of Things, multi-screen devices and real-time.

Eric accompanies our clients in the creation of the mobile applications, from the guidance to the delivery, and from the design to the deployment, integrating the innovations they need in order to meet tomorrow’s business challenges.

Eric also works for Hubiquitus, an initiative of open source service development platform for the Internet of Things.