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The social office
Discover Synaps, a solution created and distributed by VISEO, the new reference to work closely in a company. More than a simple corporate social network, discover an intuitive, efficient and addictive tool!

In order to gather team members, bring all the branches together and stimulate tranversability, many companies completed their communication tools (such as emails or chats) with their own social network. These solutions meet the usual knowledge capitalization issues, but cannot conciliate the organizations’ much needed agility and the diversity of jobs implied in most of the projects with simple, intuitive and efficient tools.

Synaps, a solution developed by VISEO, proposes a real paradigm shift: work the same way that you think and cooperate around three great principles:

  • Generate, write down and link your ideas, your notes and your information in an easy and intuitive way your ideas; the greater projects always start with informal ideas
  • Transform you notes into structured processes; realization goes through organization
  • Manage your daily events streams ; efficiency goes through reactivity and coordination

Collaborative office PC, Mac, iOS and Android:

  • Social network (publications, walls, contacts…)
  • Task, project, profit center management
  • Shared, private and versioned workspaces
  • Notifications
  • Import emails from Outlook
  • Chat and video

UX next generation: simple, event oriented, Graphe 2D & 3D.

Solution Manager
Franck Priore

Franck PRIORE accompanied international companies in their transition towards agility from the beginning of the year 2000. He created Objet Direct agency (now VISEO Technologies) in Lyon, and the Training for New Technologies activity to then develop the Grenoble agency. In 2007, he takes on VISEO Technologies’ operational management, and becomes Director General in 2010 in order to grow this subsidiary to 170 specialized consultants in web, mobile and object technologies.

In 2012, he laid the foundations of the activity VISEO Software & Innovation, from the merging of the R&D and the Software activities. Codendi and Synaps come from this activity.

Fond of new usages, social changes and both individual and collective learning processes, Franck is the main author of Synaps’ Lead Evangelist – new generation enterprise Social Software – for which he applied for a patent in the USA in 2014. He is surrounded by experts in cloud architecture, ergonomists, engineers specialized in web and mobile development and agility experts.