SAP Business One
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SAP Business One

A complete and integrated solution for small companies
SAP Business One is a successful management solution created to answer the needs of small companies, as well as the international subsidiaries groups. This solution enables a complete control of business processes: client and supplier relations, purchases, sales, accounting and finance, production, after-sales service…

SAP Business One covers the entire organizational process as well as the functional and standard needs of a company while offering:

  • An intuitive efficient and easy to use interface guaranteeing a rapid user autonomy.
  • An integration platform enabling secure information exchanges with partners (clients, suppliers, service providers): mobility, EDI, interface with logistical service providers…
  • complete traceability thanks to the management of operational and financial fluxes in real-time.
  • Integrated reporting tools (Crystal Report) enabling the implementation of operational reports as well as precise and efficient summery boards.
  • A capacity to adapt to specific business needs via the solution integrated personalization tools of development.


The implementation of SAP Business One facilitates the structuration and harmonizing of business processes around one centralized solution and assures a better control of procedures at the heart of an organization.

SAP Business One is a simple solution to apply – reduced personnel demand, few weeks of implementation – and its cost of acquisition enables a rapid return on investment.


To sum up, by implementing SAP Business One, you will:

  • Streamline operations
  • Respond quickly to customer needs
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and errors
  • Form closer customer relationships
  • Lower your technology costs


SAP Business One is a simple very cost-efficient system that can be implemented quickly. It is uncomplicated to maintain and minimizes end-user training. It also enables a rapid return on investment.


Finnaly SAP Business One is connected to Colibri (VISEO's sales forecasting tool) allowing a seamless exchange of data. This user-friendly interface reduces the risk of errors due to manual data import and enables significant time savings. Data imports can be scheduled daily.

If you are wondering if SAP Business One is right for your business, contact us directly.



Solution Manager
Eric Lonqueux

With a professional background in finance and management control, practiced mainly in an international context, Eric LONQUEUX joined and accompanied VISEO’s development. To do so, he managed advisory, blueprint and implementation missions for both front and back office solutions, for industrial and international companies.

His continued appetite for the international grew and was reinforced as he led VISEO USA. There, he relayed for several years the Group’s solutions and assisted in an operational way local companies with their IT and business transformation.

Today, Eric promotes SAP Business One to both SME/SMI and big companies, to accompany and stimulate their international development with the help of an ERP solution which is agile, multilingual and which answers legal constraints. This is the reason why VISEO was able to deploy it in more than 50 countries.