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Offshore Service Centers for ERP, SCM and Web developments

VISEO Morocco: Nearshore model that combines flexibility and responsiveness
Skilled teams to serve your project, outstanding flexibility to meet your support requests in record time, resources mobilized to suit your needs in terms of maintenance and development… VISEO Outsourcing entity Offshore model is chosen more and more by companies in France and worldwide.

Responsiveness, flexibility and quality of service: these are the watchwords of Nearshore model proposed by VISEO with its Moroccan subsidiary. Since its inception in 2004, it has continued to grow. Today, we have more than 80 developers and consultants working from two offices in Casablanca. All are able to work on AMS or ERP and WEB/Object Oriented Developments, whether conducted in project mode or on demand. This availability and the ability to mobilize teams quickly are the key factors of success of this model. Team leaders allocate resources according to the projects and prioritize requests. At stake, a much higher reactivity compared to traditional approaches.

VISEO Morocco breaks with the traditional stereotype of Offshore model which considers that the difference of language and culture make barriers with customers as well as geographic distance impede communication between client and service provider to ultimately jeopardize the proper conduct of the project. Nearshore model of VISEO instead is based on proximity. To build a relationship of trust and a climate of efficiency between client teams and developers, VISEO Morocco promotes communication. Teams regularly share by telephone or video conference to make progress in an iterative mode and validate point by point the various steps of a project. This methodology is made possible by the country's favorable geographical location between the United States, Asia and Europe; and the fluency in French, English and Spanish by the Moroccan teams.

Solution Manager
Julien Pechmalbec

Graduated from the IAE in Brest, Julien PECHMALBEC joined VISEO in 2001 as an intern. After this first professional experience, he definitely joined the company in September 2001 as an SAP FI-CO consultant.

The growth of VISEO group enabled him to quickly evolve professionally. Three years later, he integrated the Business Intelligence team and became manager. He then moved towards project direction.

Relying on his various experiences in delivery and team management, he is now CEO of the Service Center in Casablanca with a team of 70 consultants working for VISEO’s clients.