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The ITM Factory project

ITM Factory (Information Technology Modernisation Factory) goal is to build a factory to help automatically refactoring old software.

ITM Factory aims to build a software factory to modernize existing or old fashion software without having to fully rebuild them. The promise is to do real money and time savings for companies while maintaining employment in France.


ITM Factory is supported by the FUI 14 program for an amount of € 3 800 000. It is a 30-month project, which started in December 2012.


ITM Factory partners

  • Sodifrance and its subsidiaries Soft-Maint and Mia-Software
  • Acapnos
  • Inria-Atlanmod
  • MMA which will provide the software to be modernized


For more information, see http://www.itmfactory.org/

Solution Manager
Frédérique Segond

Before joining the VISEO group, Frédérique SEGOND was Principal Scientist and manager of the Parsing and Semantics area (ParSem) at the Xerox Research Centre Europe. She joined Xerox as a research scientist in 1993 and worked on LOCOLEX, an intelligent dictionary lookup (European project COMPASS). Afterwards, within the PARGRAM (Parallel Grammars) project, she was responsible for the design and implementation of a French Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG). She then led the Lexical Sense Disambiguation LSD project where she worked on the EAGLES, ROMANSEVAL and EuroWordNet projects.

 Throughout her research career she has developed, worked and coordinated about twenty collaborative research projects such as ALADIN, Europeanna, CACAO and Galateas.

Frédérique earned a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Socil Sciences in Paris where she implemented categorical French grammar at IBM-France. After a one year post-doc at IBM-Watson in Yorktown working on the links between syntax and semantics, she was in charge of starting a research and teaching activity in a French Telecom school.

Frederique is co-author of six books, over 50 scientific papers and 5 patents. She belongs to several scientific committees. She is a member of the CONTINT steering committee of the French National Agency for Research (ANR), President of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ATALA), member of the ELRA board (European Language Resources Association), member of the board of the University Stendhal, and also provides scientific expertise to the European Commission. She is also on the “qualification list” of Professors of the University of Paris 7.

Publications and Patents

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