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Human Resources

Because Human Resources management is a key element in VISEO’s strategy, we wanted to evolve towards a more individualized approach of this subject. To do so, we did everything to make our employees the heart of our HR processes, and to make them develop a real sense of community and belonging to the company.

A structured management of careers and competences in order to:

  • Help our team members develop their competences easily
  • Give our team members a visibility on their evolution through our business references
  • Accompany our recruiting teams with tangible arguments

A management of proximity with the creation of HR mentors/managers. Our team members do not only get attached to their organization, but also to the people who are close and who listen to them.

A training strategy revolving around several approaches:

  • Development of competences with trainings to solutions and businesses and a certification policy
  • Development of managerial capabilities: to give a common management culture and common tools to the group in order to settle HR mentors/managers’ roles
  • Valorization of the experts: to give them the means to reinforce their expertise, to develop new ones and to help them assuming their role of knowledge transmitters.

An attractive and dynamic compensation policy, with a variable part on objectives that team members can actually control: 100% qualifying and personal, and which does not take into consideration the variations of the company’s economic activity.

Through the Viseoscope, an internal barometer, VISEO stays in touch and listens to team members in order to know and understand their reality, spot their strengths and what they can improve.

VISEO’s HR policy has already proven its worth and contributes every day to reinforce its team members’ motivation, motivation which can only be built on solid basis:

  • To be loyal to the company
  • To understand the company’s vision
  • To keep a constant dialog
  • To commit to the company and be part of its success: to have the necessary knowledge and competences in order to succeed
  • To understand the values of the company to concur with them
  • The company must recognize its team members’ work: individual and collective appreciation.
Human Resources Department Manager
Marie-Clotilde Mangé

Marie-Clotilde MANGÉ graduated from the ISC in Paris, and has a master degree in Human Resources. She worked for 10 years on finance missions in the automobile industry before joining VISEO in 2006 to define and lead their HR strategy.

Since then, Marie-Clotilde accompanies the group in its growth dynamic; she puts the human capital at the heart of the HR strategy she works on a more individualized approach. Her goal: to create a true sense of belonging to the company and to reinforce each team member’s motivation, leading her to set up the mentoring for the group.