Sales forecasting
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Sales forecasting tool
Colibri is a demand planning tool available in SaaS and hosted in Microsoft Cloud Azure. It was designed with the user and best practices in mind. This intuitive, ergonomic and collaborative tool makes demand planning more accessible and easy.

Choosing the right sales forecasting or demand planning tool is an important step for the optimization of the Supply Chain, whether for large companies or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). A controlled and reliable forecast, among others things, allows companies to improve service levels, inventory management but also to lower production costs.

With Colibri, you can:

  • Connect with Excel, ERP SAP and Microsoft AX files
  • Access the sales historically review with manual, automatic or collaborative corrections
  • Create new articles and substitutions
  • Perform forecasting calculations based on algorithms
  • Benefit from collaborative enrichment of previsions
  • Get support through performance and subscription indicators
  • Export data
  • Drag & Drop (spreadsheets and curves)


We also offer additional services: IT System connection package, training, business consulting and support.

In order to go further, we offers a complete services solution: Information Systems connection package, training, business consulting and support.


Connectors with ERPs

Colibri can also be connected to other solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, etc. The connector allows for a seamless exchange of data with the ERP system. This user-friendly interface reduces the risk of errors due to manual data import and enables significant time savings. Data imports can be scheduled daily.

If you are interested in finding out why demand planning is a key performance of organizational performance, feel free to read this article

Colibri is a user friendly demand planning tool, quick to implement, and available at a competitive price, for more information or to create your prototype, contact us at  (+33) 9 72 45 73 93 or go to 

Our references:

CGMP: Introduction of Colibri in order to oversee process evolution and integrate data into the ERP planning system. 

Swania: commissioned Colibri, to control all logistics flows with its various partners, in addition to all internal management processes. 

TESA SA: replaced its obsolete tool with Colibri. The solution used at the time by TESA SA did not ensure a good level of sales forecasting.  

Novacylimplemented a comprehensive supply chain process, supported by an easy to use, and quick to implement sales forecasting tool: Colibri. 

Solution Manager
Nicolas Commare

Nicolas COMMARE has 15 years of experience in Organization and Supply Chain Optimization in Retail and Industry Activities.

He is expert in Demand Management, Sales Forecasting, S&OP and ERP Systems.

Until 2014, he was Director of the Supply Chain Optimization Activities for VISEO Group. Starting 2015 he will become Director of the Business Development in Asia (based in Singapore and Hong Kong).

Nicolas is also the Managing Director of Colibri Application (Disruptive tool for Demand Planning & Sales Forecast Solution in the market).