Big Data
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Big Data

Exploit your data’s profusion
Big Data is offering new perspectives on data with new means to input, stock, manage and analyze it. Thanks to a unique combination of Big Data skills (Consulting, Data Scientist and Business Intelligence), VISEO is able to offer you an efficient Big Data strategy.

Many reasons can lead a company to initiate a Big Data project, but whatever the origin is, the associated approach to the implementation of a Big Data project can be risky. Data is not always available, can be exhaustive or does not always show the expected quality. Moreover, budgets are not always covered by the profits produced by the implementation of these systems, for all these reasons VISEO is here to help you in your big data project.

VISEO: and efficient method

We assist our clients in their Big Data strategy by:

  • Discovering the potential and identifying pertinent use cases which create value
  • Testing through the implementation of POC
  • Deploying and exploiting the data
  • Assisting in the organization’s evolutions


In order to avoid usual difficulties related to Big Data projects, VISEO developed a methodology mixing workshops to determine the goals and workshops to equipped data scientists. This strategy enable us to validate models as soon as possible.

We know that even if technology is important it is always a consequence of your goal. With this in mind, we propose an overview of architectures and technologies, we take into account technological choices already in place, technical restrictions, budgetary restrictions, but also human restrictions. Each project is different and must be addressed by keeping all these parameters into account. To learn more about our methodology and strategy about big data project please contact us.

VISEO recommends DeltaMetric the most innovative solution for exploratory analysis of big times series data. This solution allows to build hypotheses while using the latest Visual Mining's innovations.

Solution Manager
Frédérick Vautrain

After receiving his PhD, Frédérick VAUTRAIN taught Mathematics and worked on Machine Learning and Symbolic Data Analysis at the Center for Research in Mathematical Decision-Making (Dauphine University, Paris)

From 2003 to 2014, Frédérick was the co-founder and Principal of Isthma, a French data science company providing consulting services and software tools. He managed international data analysis projects for large corporations (Unilever, Nielsen, Orange), research centers and multinational organizations (European Commission). He mainly worked in the e-commerce, bank, retail and utilities sectors.

Within VISEO, Frédérick Vautrain is in charge of the data science in the big data business unit, revolved around consulting and professional services and software (DeltaMetric™, patented visual mining software).

Frédérick is also an expert for Cap Digital, the French digital organization, for which he studied the technical and financial feasibility of Big Data projects. He also participated in the creation of the French Visual Decision Association.