BI Agile
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BI Agile

An evolutive process to be more efficient
Business Intelligence has been enhanced by agile methods that came directly from application developments. They can be adapted to many scenarios that require a prototype with the users. These methods allow you to reduce design time. With VISEO, expert in agile methods, you can benefit from the best BI Agile practices.

VISEO analyzed the failures on BI projects; they seemed to be mainly linked to the fact that the project was not adapted to users. We concluded that the classical implementation approach did not respond to the issues of these projects.

In order to face these challenges, VISEO offers a BI Agile method, based and adapted to the SCRUM agile methodology, following these three main characteristics:

  • A strong implication from the users during the entire project
  • The ability to deliver, often and early, operational BI applications on real data
  • Change as a competitive advantage


VISEO offers to study the framework in which this methodology can be used in order to be as efficient as possible. Some tools or architecture contexts fit well with this approach. For more information, contact us.


Our references:

Luxury Company: the actor wanted an application to manage sales and stocks. It needed to be simple and efficient. VISEO took in charge the project: defined the architecture, wrote the specifications, deployed the solutions, developed dashboards, assisted and trained the users.

Galderma: the marketing team needed a more global and pertinent overview by business. VISEO created a solution to collect, analyze and broadcast indicators.

Touax: VISEO assisted the group in the implementation of its decisional platform. It needed to enable complex questions on aggregated databases in order to feed the reporting tools. 

Solution Manager
Yves Cointrelle

Yves COINTRELLE is in charge of the Business Intelligence and Big Data strategy for VISEO, and has been one of the main actors of the French BI ecosystem for more than 20 years.

He co-founded Homsys, a company specialized in decision-making, which joined VISEO in 2010. He led many expertise mission before devoting himself to Business Intelligence strategy consulting projects for the Management or IT. He is also in charge of developing partnerships with editors and designing service offerings.

He hosts many seminars, conferences and trainings, and was part of the creation of user clubs based on decision-making.

He wrote many articles for specialized press, and is on the watch for innovations in order to better serve both his clients and his team members.