Para'Kito and its new ERP

Para'Kito and its new ERP


Evergreen Land, a pharmaceutical laboratory, owner of Para'Kito, an international brand of natural anti-mosquito, asked for VISEO's help.

Founded in 2006 by three French men, Evergreen Land Ltd. is a pharmaceutical laboratory, owner of Para'Kito, an internaional brand of natural products against mosquitos. First thought as mobile plates on refillable bands or clips, Para'Kito now has a complete range of topical products (roll-on gel and spray to be launched in 2016). Para'Kito products are sold in more than 30 countries in the world. 


Evergreen land's vocation is to develop natural innovative products in the health and wellness fields. In 2015, the laboratory launched a new brand, Kit & Coco on the anti-lice section, with a coco oil-based medicinal shampoo and prevenitng products (foam and spray).

Starting from scratch with SAP Business One 9.0

When it turns to VISEO, the young company already owns a SAP Business One solution for its entire perimeter since 2009: its financial operations and bills management, its logistic and stocks management.


However, this solution wasn't optimum enough anymore, as Nicolas Constant, the group's financial controller says. "We face many limits with this version of SAP Business One. Since its implementation, our job and company have evolved towards more complexity. We needed something more to make a difference". Hence, Evergreen Land decided to upgrade its version and to review its key processes. 


The new implemented version, SAP Business One 9.0, offers more possibilities to the group. "We were interested by the new features offered by this solution. Not only does the latter gives us a better ease in our updates but also an automation of our business processes." Last, this new version offers an opening on the cloud and on different mobile handsets, important elements for Evergreen Land, especially by hosting its solution with a specialized partner that manages the technical maintenance.

VISEO's global experience

The laboratory turned to VISEO to climb this new step and achieve its migration. Nicolas Constant explains why they chose VISEO. "We chose VISEO for its experience and its global presence, as well as for their knowledge of business key issues in multinational firms. This gave us an opprtunity to talk to somebody who understood our needs and who could advise us while understanding both international and strong growth aspects of our small group."


VISEO's teams hence implemented this new version of SAP Business One in a few months, from July 2014 to January 2015. "VISEO did not need to come very often in our offices, but we fully relied on their expertise in this field, tells Nicolas COnstant. Then, we've internaly integrated a training program for all our collaborators."

«SAP Intercompany Integration add-on», VISEO's true gain

VISEO truly made a difference by suggesting an additional element to SAP Business One: SAP Intercompany Integration, in order to facilitate the transactions taking place within Evergreen Land, especially in between its establishements in Asia and Europe.


Nicolas Constant outlines: "As we had several entities that were working on SAP Business One, we had to establish a better communication between them. SAP Intercompany gives us a better visibility in real time in all the zones and more reliable data while giving us time to focus on more high valued tasks than just entering documents."


Following this project, Evergreen Land keeps on working with VISEO with a step by step system optimization, by gradually integrating available functions in the ERP like MRP for planification, banking flows automation and automatic financial consolidation.


Our collaborator who worked on this implementation tells us: "We keep on working with them on small subject for a constant improvment of the tool that accompanies them in their growth.This means increase the scope of processes addresses in SAP Business One to help them easily integrate new brands and new markets, with their complexity attached."


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