Indonesia Night Davos 2018
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VISEO at Indonesia Night 2018

Endorsing Indonesia on the world stage
February 05, 2018

Indonesia Night 2018 is an annual gathering complementing the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This event, supported by both the Indonesian government and the private sector, showcases the best of what Indonesia has to offer.

Eric Perrier, Co-founder and Managing Director of VISEO was honoured to be part of Indonesia Night 2018 in Davos to witness the dialogue and endorsement of Indonesia on the world stage. The efforts of President Jokowi in promoting Indonesia to be pro-business and attracting more businesses and investments into the country has resulted in Indonesia increasingly gaining worldwide visibility.

With the acquisition of NAIT Consulting in 2017, VISEO has strengthen its Salesforce offerings in Singapore and especially in Indonesia.  The mature and seasoned Salesforce team puts VISEO in a strategic position to take full advantage of the growing favourable business climate in Indonesia.

As part of its vision to anchor its position in Asia Pacific, VISEO also has further plans to expand its offerings and footprint in Indonesia.


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