VISEO Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting Forum Jakarta
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VISEO Asia at the Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting Forum Jakarta

July 31, 2018

VISEO was a sponsor at the Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting Forum in Jakarta Indonesia two weeks ago, organised by the Global Supply Chain Council. It is always great to meet and discuss about current trends, challenges and best practices with other supply chain professionals.


During the event, there were a few speakers who shared their experience and knowledge on supply chain and the Indonesian market. Nicolas Nesme, from VISEO, spoke about using the demand planning process to reduce cost and inventory levels. Frederic Gomer, from B2G Consulting, emphasised the importance of people in order to have a successful S&OP implementation. Alison Halim, an independent consultant, gave good insights about the Indonesian supply chain market and businesses in Industry 4.0. Ramkrishna Manatkar, from Artha Metal Sinergi, shared an interesting case study on digitalisation in the steel industry. All in all, it was an insightful forum with complementary speakers, addressing different areas of the supply chain.


At the end, all the speakers and attendees agreed that collaboration was one of the most important things to improve the supply chain planning process. Training, skills and talent are also important keys of success, and can be leveraged on to help with this advancement. It is evident that the Indonesian supply chain market has potential for more improvements, and companies will have to work on their supply chain processes to increase profits and gain visibility.


These findings are also congruent to what Nicolas Nesme shared with us previously in our interview. Read about our recent interview with him here.


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