Retail Technology Show Asia, by VISEO
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Retail Technology Asia 2016: Recap - Day 1

What we learned at the retail show in Singapore
April 20, 2016

Wednesday April 20th was the first day at the Retail Technology Asia for us, here's what happened

Wednesday April 20th was the first day at the Retail Technology Asia for us, here's what happened at the leading and most exciting retail exhibition for Asian retailers

> Don't forget to come visit us if you're in Singapore between April 20th and 22nd, at booth Q13. All information and Media Kit are available here

> Here's the key trend to remember from the show: Fintech

Here's what you've missed on Day 1

  • What's the overall impression? We asked Gurudutt PB, sales & business development Asia Pacific at VISEO:

"It's a well attended event with multiple pavilions. We are part of the Singaporean pavilion and made interesting meetings on our booth. On the sidelines of the main event, we hosted a the round table with enthusiastic participation of seniors executives from Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia to name a few."

  • Our presentation on a frictionless world, with Carrefour Pikit, your connected shopping list: "Internet of Things’ promise: A frictionless world"

Why do this conference? Our smartphone is everywhere in our lives. It becomes an invasive prosthesis. It distracts us, aspires us, takes us further away from our relatives. In short, we are overwhelmed by our permanent access to everything all the time. Internet of Things is an answer to smartphones’ pervasiveness and “inefficiency”. They allow us to express ourselves by extending our bodies by simpler, natural interfaces that are exclusively designed to answer a very limited initial objective. 

The key trend to remember: With Internet of Things, digital is melting into our lives, becoming less oppressive. This trend is fostered by the rise of cognitive and learning systems.

The sentence, by our speaker Etienne Bureau, Strategy Director at VISEO: "IoT is a fantastic opportunity to make retail frictionless"

Why Carrefour Pikit? Carrefour is one of the world retail leaders with over 10 thousands stores under the group banner in 33 countries (2014). The French company launched Pikit, your connected shopping list a few months ago in France with our help (we developed the IoT platform software).

How it works? As soon as a product is almost missing or empty, the user can scan it to add it to his shopping list, or say it using a mic, then he confirms his order on his app or on Carrefour’s website, whenever he wants. He can then modify his digital shopping list, he can get products delivered at home or pick them up at a drive-in. Pikit is the shortest way from a shopping intention to the actual purchase. Pikit creates a new contact point at home in people daily life. By being so close to the buying intention, it encourages impulse purchase.

A true value for retailers: It also builds a unique relationship between the brand and the customer, and therefore it locks in customers to the service and platform. A product that was bought once, might never be facing again the supermarkets shelves’ tough competition. It might be endlessly scanned and ordered from home. It improves brand’s loyalty and reduces churn. Pikit  helps gathering precise and relevant data on consumer journey.  For traditional retailers like Carrefour, it helps developing its multi-channel approach. Pikit provides a new gateway to its website and drive, and therefore fosters e-commerce. When a product is scanned and it is not available at Carrefour, it is automatically replaced by the matching Carrefour product in the customers’ shopping list. Therefore it increases Carrefour’ brands products sales.

  • Our workshop on “Cloud, Agility, DevOps: how technology is the way to improve your business”

"Retailers need to combine agile, devops & cloud to compress time to market", according to Simon Mazas our digital practice manager. 

Innovation goes fast and you need innovation to create better services for your customers. Build innovative services quickly with high quality, enabled by cloud services and agile methodologies (Scrum, Devops).

We also led a roundtable on the role of technology in the transformation of point of sales. More on that topic here. 

  • IoT & AI are in the place

Robots like Nao have an essential role in the digitalization of the point of sale. No surprise we met one of them in Singapore, developed this time by students from NyangNyan Tech University. Check out this robot here.

  • Our fun booth

Discover Instaroid, get your free insta photo taken by a polaroid with the message you want like this one below for example. Check out the video here.