Partenaire by VISEO

T-Systems, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom group, offers IT infrastructure solutions to support international companies in their transformation. By leveraging the group's European network infrastructures and data centres, T-Systems meets all of the needs of companies through its areas of expertise: secure hosting, information systems and data management in the cloud (private, public, hybrid), multi-cloud management, networks, working environments and cyber security.


T-Systems solutions are available instantly in operated mode (PaaS) mainly, but also in IaaS mode. T-Systems operates the world's largest SAP Cloud with more than 65 million SAPS and more than 4 million users. With 38,000 employees worldwide, T-Systems masters and implements the latest IT innovations to eliminate the distances between companies and their customers. In the 2017 financial year, T-Systems generated sales of nearly €6.9 billion.


Thanks to its unique know-how as an international integrator, VISEO brings to TSystems its business and functional vision to better meet customer needs. T-Systems' infrastructure solutions, renowned for their reliability and performance, will allow VISEO to diversify its service offerings, from licensing (SAP, Microsoft, SalesForce...) and functional integration to packaged all-in-one solutions in SaaS mode, adapted to the customer's business needs. 


Now that they are no longer required to handle the complexity of secure infrastructures to support their IT, companies, especially medium-sized ones, will no longer have to worry about upgrading platforms and media that are transparently managed by T-Systems and configured to evolve and support their needs.