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VISEO supports you on the RPA Smart Automation, but what is it concretely and what are the benefits? 

What is RPA Smart Automation?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Smart Automation is a technology which allows to automate actions across all your business applications (Web/Desktop/Citrix). RPA is relevant to replace repetitive, low value added and high volumes tasks


This tool is key to promoting operational excellence in your organization through increasing productivity, quality, client satisfaction, and employee’s fulfilment while decreasing the cost of operation.   


RPA is a layer on top your existing application landscape (Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Office, etc.). No change to the live applications is required but a clear vision and stability of the current processes are essential to the success of your RPA projects. 

What are the key benefits of RPA? 

- Productivity increase: the RPA tool works continuously and faster 


- Quality improvement: reduces the risk of errors, ensures better quality and responds better to the regulator and to compliance (improving traceability, ensures auditability) 


- Internal costs reduction: manual entry, reduction of development costs, reduction of repetitive tasks  


- Customer satisfaction increase: reduced response time to customer requests 


- Employee engagement improvement: upgrading employee activities and reducing tedious tasks 


- Decrease of existing manual processes’ costs (task with low value added) 

When and how to assess the feasibility of automation?

VISEO has developed a set of tools to help you evaluate the processes that could be automated and the expected gains. They will allow you to: 


- set the business objectives 


- estimate the feasibility of automation 


- evaluate the gains brought by automation 


- assess the RPA's ability to meet business objectives 


- prioritize automation opportunities 

How to succeed in your RPA project? 

In order to successfully complete an RPA project, you must have a stable and documented process to allow a good project kick-off. 


The modus operandi must be very precise and true to the operational reality. It must be clear and the rules should be well defined


For an efficient development and to make the teams adhere to the project it is fundamental that all stakeholders are involved and available throughout the project. 


All environments must be optimally prepared for the development phase (applications and representative datasets). 


Finally, the transformation must be accompanied by a change management process that is anticipated and ensured from the start of the project. 

Which business functions are the first concerned by the RPA and for which cases of use? 

Use case RPA by VISEO

Why choose VISEO for your RPA Smart Automation project?

VISEO covers all activities related to RPA and will assist you with: 


- The implementation of an RPA solution within your IS. (A small process is about ten days of development and a bigger process is about sixty days).  


- Advice on the implementation of this type of set-up 


- The management of the activity 


- Identification of automation opportunities 


- Optimization of automated processes 


- Coupled RPA/Change management approach 


- An approach focused on customer gains 


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VISEO can help you gain in operational excellence by relying on RPA.
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