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VISEO is positioned throughout the entire value chain of a “move to cloud” project

As historic partner of SAP and hyperscalers, the group covers all the functional and technical aspects of a migration project to the cloud, from upstream consulting to infrastructure supervision, passing through the various deployment phases. Yvan Castellari, VP Operations explains everything.

The migration of SAP to the cloud is well underway. During the release of its most recent financial results, the publisher announced a strong acceleration of its cloud activities, with growth of more than 20% year-on-year. During the third fiscal quarter of 2021, 500 additional clients chose SAP S/4 HANA worldwide.

A partner of SAP since its creation more than twenty years ago, VISEO is positioned throughout the entire value chain. The group provides upstream consultancy services in the choice of ERP, its implementation and deployment. Once the project is in production, it offers third-party application maintenance (TMA) services, as well as managed services including monitoring of cloud infrastructure and application flows.


A one-stop shop combining all types of SAP expertise

By combining its mastery of SAP environments and its expertise in cloud architectures, VISEO covers all the functional and technical aspects of a complex migration project, from the development of a move to cloud strategy to infrastructure monitoring. Based on a proven methodology, the group relies on industrialized testing processes and task automation and control tools.

This “one stop shop” approach offers the advantage of simplicity and operational efficiency. A one-stop shop meets all the needs of technical support or functional development on the different SAP modules. Named “Run SAP in the cloud”, the managed services offering is based on the expertise acquired by VISEO on the environment of the three hyperscalers - AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Its centers of excellence, based in France, Spain, Morocco and the Philippines, ensure 24/7 monitoring of flows and applications. The group’s global presence also enables the geographic expansion of a cloud migration project to be supported.


Speak a dual language, SAP and cloud

VISEO turned the cloud corner ten years ago now. The group has developed expertise in terms of data integration, modern data platform or artificial intelligence and offers vertical, cloud-native offerings for retail or industry 4.0. Specifically with regard to the SAP world, the group provides its employees with dual expertise in SAP and cloud architectures so that they can take action in both areas equally.

Supporting a company towards SAP S/4HANA in fact means bringing together a large number of skills. Not only is it a matter of properly understanding the client’s business, having an in-depth understanding of the scope of the ERP, but also identifying the promises and limitations of cloud architectures. Few players in France are able to offer this trio.

VISEO’s SAP consultants are duly certified and support a company on the various paths that lead to SAP S/4HANA, from the Brownfield approach (purely technical migration to iso-functionalities) to the Greenfield version (new implementation) and including the intermediary path, called Bluefield. Once the switchover to the cloud has been implemented, VISEO will help optimize resource consumption in order to keep cloud costs under control, in a FinOps approach.