Supply Chain: What are the trends for 2020? by VISEO

Thought Leadership Article

Supply Chain: What are the trends for 2020?

We asked Marc Stéfani, our Supply Chain Manager, for his opinion on the 2020 trends in this sector in France.

What will be the major trend in 2020 in the Supply Chain market in France?

We are still in a supply chain that is digitized and automated on our customers' premises. Digitization allows our contacts to concentrate on value-added decisions.


And we will soon have a self-learning supply chain that will allow us to operate in partial autonomy.

How do you explain this trend?

Supply chain processes detect a customer need and help prepare the right response. As this customer need is more and more volatile, we must generate and capture more and more data in order to better understand it (IoT, web, social networks). Comprehension of the complex environment of the supply chain must be facilitated, the lines of analysis must become agile, and feedback as fast as possible.  


Humans alone cannot analyze this mass of information, they must rely on technology to send alerts and the worked information in order to make the appropriate decision.


Technology will help on all levels of your network from sales reporting across all channels, to data from your production lines and warehouses, and also with integrating data from your partners. This will provide an overall view of the situation and the most effective decision-making, in line with the company's strategic choices.

What do clients expect in terms of Supply Chain in 2020?

Our clients naturally expect us to support them through this change. In this ever-changing world, this will require agility at all levels:


On the content of projects: It is no longer possible to propose solutions and processes that cover 100% of the needs of the day after tomorrow, we don't know what they will be, and it would be too expensive. We will cover 90% of tomorrow's needs more quickly, and we will make our tool evolve in line with external changes (needs) and internal changes (our organization, our assets)


On support for business teams: Our consultants must now be close to businesses in order to provide this agility and continuous transformation.

In terms of Supply Chain solutions, what are the technical evolutions? 

This flexibility naturally makes our clients turn towards the scalable and modular solutions that the cloud and micro-service-oriented solutions can offer. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are starting to contribute to the different decision-making processes (clustering, launching, forecasting, digital twin, etc.).


This technology now goes even further, it learns naturally from the decisions made by people in the different processes. In the future, several possible decisions will be offered to the user, whose role will be to choose the scenarios that are consistent with the company's strategy and value proposition.


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