Space Planner by VISEO


Space Planner : A new app to display and buy furniture using augmented reality

An A/R app to facilitate your apartment layout

Space Planner 01


When we move into a new home, we always leave things behind: old memories, dust, an old armchain that won’t be able to fit through the doorway or Granma’s Formica coffee table that doesn’t accord with the overall Scandinavian style we considered for the living room.
When we design our new interior, there is generally an empty space where something should be placed : it has to be a sofa, a bed or a cabinet. Or it doesn’t have to. We just want to fill this space but we don’t with what.
In both cases, we have a limited zone to furnish and we need the perfect fit for it.
That is why we created Space Planner, an application that enables the user to find the furniture that fits perfectly into one’s home depending upon the available space, using augmented reality.

Space Planner 02

Using Space Planner, the user can define the space he wants to furnish : you just have to draw the zone on your smartphone’s screen, respecting the scale of the room. Once the space is defined, the measures of the zone are displayed and the app proposes a set of furniture that matches the defined area in accordance with the look and ambiance of the room using, using augmented reality and visual recognition.
The user can choose a furniture and visualize it in the room using augmented reality. He can add it to his wishlist and order it without leaving the application.
The app lets you place true-to-scale 3D furniture in your home using the lens of the iPhone camera.
The app, developed with Apple’s ARKit, delivers an immersive experience in augmented reality that gives the user a realistic idea of how it will look like in the room before ordering it.

Space Planner 03

The functionnalities reassure the user give him a birds-eye view of how his choices will fit in the room.