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Event Feedback

The SAP Innovation Tour 2019 as seen by VISEO

As part of its ambitious innovation strategy, SAP organized an expedition for its key partners to meet Silicon Valley's hot spots: the SAP Innovation Tour. VISEO was represented by its Director of Innovation, Thibault Celier.


It was a huge innovation shoot, exhilarating and inspiring to build the future of our partnership with SAP.


A week in the heart of the  Silicon Valley where we were able to interact with key players in the tech space.

What to remember about the sap innovation tour?

We will remember from this wonderful trip 4 highlights:


- Apple, and its Apple Park @Cuppertino headquarters: a fascinating place with a total symbiosis between the vision of the company, the products and the place. The obsession with the quality of the perfect experience or how to make beautiful and useful at the same time.


- Visit the world-renowned Stanford University, with its huge Campus that welcomes more than 14,000 students from around the world.


- Nvidia @Santa Clara with its premises worthy of a Star Wars ship, and the amazing demos of the AI power ​​especially in the computer vision area. An AI that is not there to automate but to augment ...


- Adobe @San José, or the brilliant demonstration of a software company that has transformed itself in a few years and put AI at the service of creativity


Thanks again to SAP for this memorable trip innovation! That was huge.



Apple Park, Apple's headquarters in Cuppertino


Nvidia, the Santa Clara offices