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The relational marketing plan that will delight your customers

Anne-Sophie, Digital Marketing and CRM Consultant, addresses us on the importance of building a solid relational marketing plan to harmonize customer relations.

In "Sister Act", Whoopi Goldberg aka Dolores reorganizes the choir of the San Francisco convent, revealing each individual’s talent and thus offering the audience the most harmonious music to listen to!


Like Dolores or the conductor who coordinates a group of musicians, the relational marketing plan must be your ally in harmonizing your customer relations and all its components within a company.


This plan helps you structure the customer dialog, i.e. all exchanges with your customers (emails, sms, telephone, social networks, etc.) so that they are fluid and melodious to your customers' ears, not a cacophony! Think of all the emails, SMS, notifications you receive during a single day...


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What is the purpose of a Relational Marketing Plan?

1) To bring customers into your "musical" world


You have just acquired a powerful marketing automation tool, number one on the market, the latest version, the equivalent of a beautiful "Gibson"... so what do you want to do with it?


Think of the famous Beatles music that conquered the world! Above and beyond their voices and their instruments, it is their compositions that inspire us and make us want to listen to more!


Your customer marketing plan must be the composition that tunes and sets your customer dialog to music by turning your customer marketing strategy into concrete actions.


Your plan describes all current and future relational programs, in order to achieve the CRM objectives set: Which musical worlds would you like to break into with your "Gibson"? Are you conquering a new audience (recruiting future customers)? Are you getting to know your fans that you met during your previous concerts a little better (building loyalty among your new customers)? Or are you getting back together with a part of your audience who no longer listens to you and who tunes you out (reactivate your inactive customers)?


Examples of a relational plan made up of several relational programs:

Enchanter vos clients by VISEO


2) Coordinating the "musicians" of the customer relationship


Marketing pressure is the number of contacts generated with a single customer over a given period of time. When this marketing pressure is inappropriate, it can have a very negative impact on your brand image and drive away some customers who are annoyed because they are too busy.


Similarly, if your marketing automation scenarios do not cover the key moments of your customer journey, you risk missing out on opportunities.


Like an orchestra score, the relational communication plan is the reference document for coordinating the various people who interact with clients:


- Institutional communication for expanding the brand's influence

- The sales department for launching special offers

- The marketing / CRM department for promoting the loyalty program, etc.

- Customer service for after-sales service, and customer satisfaction surveys

- The distribution network with local marketing actions


This roadmap makes it possible to optimize marketing pressure by prioritizing everyone's contact time according to the customer's life moments, their loyalty level, their responsiveness to requests, etc.


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