Salesforce Spring20


Our Top 10 features of the Salesforce Spring'20 release

Our Salesforce team explored the new features presented in the Salesforce Spring'20 release note. Discover our TOP 10 of new updates and features approved by our VISEO Consultants. 



With each new release, Lightning Experience is getting quicker and easier to maintain. Spring’20 release will give you many reasons to switch to Lightning Experience.






Salesforce makes it easy to find and open applications with enhancements to the Lightning Experience App Launcher.


App Launcher




Now you can create custom buttons or links in Lightning. Ex: /lightning/o/Account/new?defaultFieldValues=Name=Bonjour


This enhancement doesn’t apply to Lightning Out, Lightning communities and the Salesforce Mobile Application. To create a custom button or link, use this sample formula:







    CustomCheckbox__c={!IF(Account.SomeCheckbox__c, true, false)}




Gradually in 2020, all Sales Cloud users will be able to benefit from Opportunity Scoring (at no additional cost!) Einstein Opportunity Scoring assigns each opportunity a score, from 1 to 99, which is available on opportunity records, list views, forecast pages and reports. These scores will help sales reps prioritize opportunities so they can close more deals, faster.

Einstein opportunity scoring


+ Filter opportunity products

Refine your search for product opportunities in Lightning, it's possible! It is no longer necessary to scroll through a long list of products to add line items to an opportunity.


Filter opportunity products




The GDPR requires companies to protect their customers' data. This data, stored in your Salesforce Production environment, must not be exposed to third parties.

When you use your sandboxes (Salesforce development environments), some sandboxes may replicate some or all of your data, identically.

Salesforce suggests you use the Salesforce Data Mask. Install this package in your production instance, it will allow you to anonymize your data when generating your sandboxes. Trailhead Module







Agents can merge duplicate cases, in the same way that they merge duplicate accounts and contacts, using merge cases. They can now consolidate up to three duplicate cases.


Case Merge in Lightning




Salesforce enhances the experience with the survey. It is possible to personalize the questions in a survey by inserting the answers that participants have chosen in the previous pages. Salesforce allows to insert images in questions, on the welcome and thank you pages.   


Salesforce Survey



The scale of the NPS (Net Promoter Score ®) is now displayed with a color code. Participants can refer to the colors as a reference to understand the NPS scale.






The report generator is now available for communities. It is possible to create, delete and modify reports directly from the community (licenses: Customer Community Plus and Partner Community).




Salesforce CMS is now a Salesforce's hybrid content management system. You can create content in a central repository and share it to any endpoint, whether it's a site powered by Salesforce (Community, Commerce Cloud, B2B Commerce, Marketing Cloud, Heroku...) or another system.


Salesforce CMS




Salesforce provides a complete new process for managing Salesforce orders. Salesforce Order Management enables the development and automation of processes that manage the entire order lifecycle and provide superior customer service. Why? With Salesforce Order Management: 


  • Consumers can submit orders from any ecommerce channel, and then track and manage their orders throughout the order lifecycle.
  • Merchants can manage order fulfillment, shipping, payment capture, invoicing, and service by using integrated and customizable business processes and order workflows.
  • Service agents can access a master repository of all order-related information to see a global snapshot of the entire order lifecycle, and process cancellations and returns.


Salesforce Order Management




Salesforce offers a new tool called 'Customer 360 Data Manager'. This tool provides a united view of customer orders / requests.


The connection with customers has become more complex. More and more customers want to make business experiences and transactions easy and transparent. 


The Customer 360 Data Manager allows users to connect all customer data across the enterprise, including multiple Salesforce organizations, B2C Commerce Cloud instances and even systems outside of Salesforce. 


Customer 360 Data Manager




Your Customer Service Department communicates with your customers on a daily basis: by e-mail, by phone, but also via your website by chat, chatbot, etc.

Salesforce now offers you, via the "Digital Engagement" license, to communicate with your customers via WhatsApp.

The popularity of WhatsApp makes it a privileged tool to enable you to deliver efficient customer service that meets your customers' expectations. And your chatbots can also be used with WhatsApp!

Salesforce Digital Engagement


Salesforce suggests a new TRAILHEAD dedicated to the Spring’20 Release! It's Up to You! 


Salesforce Trailhead


Go to Trailhead


To discover all the new features of this Spring'20 version, we invite you to consult the Salesforce release note or contact your VISEO Consultant!


See you soon!

The VISEO Team.