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Digitize your supply chain with Intelligent Planning offer and SAP IBP

Intelligent Planning is an offer from VISEO to assist you with the digitization of your supply chain deploying SAP IBP and following SAP best practices model.

Intelligent Planning offer by VISEO

To react immediately to demand changes, to a complex and volatile market as well as new consumer trends and environmental issues, supply chain managers must be able to make quick decisions and guarantee the quality, flexibility and agility of supply chain operations.


Focused for years on cost and inventory optimization, sourcing has most often been centralized on a few suppliers at the risk of losing flexibility. The supply chain must now be reinvented, not only to gain operational reactivity, but also to facilitate the reconfiguration of companies' activities. To do so, several issues must be taken into account :


- Finding the right production sites


- Minimize human operations


- Reduce "time-to-market"


- Minimize obsolescence and inventory levels


- Securing the supply chain

SAP Integrated Business Planning solution

SAP IBP, a cloud-based planning solution, helps you meet these challenges by offering numerous innovations in supply chain flow planning with powerful algorithms.


SAP IBP leverages SAP HANA technology, interoperates natively with other SAP solutions, such as the SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP Ariba, and provides features for sales and operations management, demand, response and supply planning, and inventory optimization. 


SAP IBP key benefits

With SAP IBP, companies benefit from a solution that enables them to meet the profitability of future demand through real-time management. In particular, this solution allows you to :

- Improve demand projections and sales forecasts


- React more quickly to sudden demand changes 


- Reduce storage costs by improving product turnover


- Increase profits with on-time deliveries and reduced inventories


- Increase user productivity with interactive planning


VISEO's methodology

Switching from an SAP APO or ERP platform to SAP IBP requires preparation that involves several teams (business, functional IS, technical IS, Administration and Support); the objective is to avoid the pitfalls associated with the new solution and to bring real added value to the company.


Using a proven methodology, VISEO offers a 3-step support to build and test your core system.


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Why working with VISEO ?

With our 20 years of experience in implementing SAP ERP’s in a wide range of sectors, our offer is based on :


- A strong team composed of expert supply chain consultants


- A high-performance methodology with an end-to-end vision of projects


- A structured support for change management


- A strong partnership with SAP, Gold Partner status, rewarded by numerous Awards


VISEO has the knowledge, the experts and the methodology to ensure the success of your project. 
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