Partenaire by VISEO

As part of its Data Science offer, VISEO publishes and distributes the DeltaMetric solution, a data exploration analysis solution for data scientists.


One of the major challenges of data scientists is data analysis. This is where DeltaMetric comes in and allows data scientists to optimize their time and improve the reliability of the results delivered.


Thus, DeltaMetric assists data scientists in understanding data sets. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to build hypotheses while exploiting the latest innovations of Visual Mining.


Thanks to Delta Metrics you can:

- Graphically represent multidimensional data

- Automatically detect homogeneous or atypical components

- Quickly identify discriminating indicators

- Exploit the temporal variation of information in the representation and analysis

- Enrich your data by creating indicators

- Sharing rich and structured returns


In addition, Delta Metrics and Big Data ready connect to all data sources.