VISEO completely transforms the experience a pharmaceutical company’s employees with SAP SuccessFactors 

VISEO has developed a project for the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors in a pharmaceutical laboratory, which has taken the experience of its employees in Spain to another level. 

Our client is a leading pharmaceutical laboratory in the development, manufacture and marketing of generic drugs, with a global presence and a portfolio that covers most therapeutic areas. Their vademecum has medications that are renowned in their categories, such as Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. 


Faced with today’s big digital challenges and the constant, cutting-edge competitiveness in the technological development of the pharmaceutical sector, they chose VISEO to improve the experience of their 1,500 employees and increase their productivity. 


To achieve this purpose and promote change management in this organization, VISEO – a global IT consultant specialized in digital transformation processes – developed a project for implementing SAP SuccessFactors. With this technology, the pharmaceuticals’ human capital was able to gain efficiency and speed in making important decisions. 


How was it achieved?

These results were achieved by automating all business processes and creating simple and appealing processes for all users and devices. VISEO integrated all the administrative processes of the employees, their talent management and the collaboration tools in a single platform. The company now has a comprehensive technological solution that allows it to advance in its digital transformation. In this way, it managed to completely improve the employees' experience


What benefits has it had for the pharmaceutical company?

Among other benefits, the implementation project developed by VISEO has made it possible to reduce the times and tasks associated with the management of the workforce, as well as achieve greater automation of the processes and improve efficiency and control of the Human Resources department of the laboratory. 


Our client now has an innovative solution that allows them to gain real-time insights to enhance employee relationships and cross-departmental collaboration; to identify and retain internal talent through processes that support greater integration; and to tailor the most appropriate training based on each employee’s profile. Coupled with the value of being able to do this in a simpler way, time is optimized to be able to focus on the definition and monitoring of corporate strategic objectives and on tasks with greater added value. 


In short, the integration of SAP SuccessFactors by VISEO has allowed the pharmaceutical lab to offer a more streamlined and attractive experience for both employees and their HR department, which has a direct impact on business optimization.  



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