Towards the internet of things

Download our IoT white paper published in July 2017
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Discover our experts views and case studies in connection with the Internet of Things environment.

Download out IoT white paper published in July 2017, and gathering our exclusive experts opinion and case studies from prestigious brands. 

Accessing the web on a PC with a browser is almost past history. New, specialized terminals are becoming must-haves: smartphones and tablets of course, but also TVs, cars, watches, thermostats, and more. These connected, programmable objects have enormous potential for developing services with exciting new features: usable anywhere, in real time, in context, and using Big Data. New business models are emerging, a new competitive marketplace is developing, with the ambition of making us all Connected Humans.

But if the potential is great, the path leading to its fulfillment is long and uncertain:

  • New business models and services must be clarified, initiated, and developed
  • Pursuing operational performance means re-examining the convergence of data and processes: to supervise and focus human interventions, and to continuously maintain optimal operation
  • Totally new technological frameworks must be built
  • Users expect to be supported and reassured

These are the subjects we have decided to deal with in this volume, where our experts have their say. Inspired by the many projects we have supported, we hope we can help you clarify your own ambitions and map out the ways of implementing them.