Luxury Shoes by VISEO

VISEO supports a luxury leather goods manufacturer in the integration of its new point of sale management solution

The leather goods manufacturer wanted to replace its in-store payment solution. They trusted VISEO for the integration of the CEGID Y2 solution and the implementation of the Dell Boomi ETL.  Caroline, project manager, gives us her feedback. 

"The project lasted a year and involved three sales outlets in the United Kingdom. For the customer it was a question of replacing his collection solution and integrating the new one: Cegid Y2, recommended by means of an internal framework contract," explains Caroline. 

An immediate prototyping approach 

The replacement of the solution required first of all the decommissioning of the old one. Then it was necessary to take into account the need to upgrade all legal, regulatory and fiscal aspects. 

 "We started with an immediate prototyping process, without going through the design phase," says Caroline. Based on the data collected regarding the customer's business needs, we prototyped directly in the tool. Then we made a demo for the customer, and we engaged on the configuration of the solution, while carrying out some design workshops on specific aspects of the leather goods manufacturer's activity.» 

The choice of a specific ETL 

The integration of Cegid Y2 also required the implementation of a specific data integration solution (ESB/ETL). Dell Boomi was chosen because it is an easy solution to use, to maintain internally, while meeting specific expectations regarding flow monitoring. 

On the other hand, this choice occured a significant amount of additional work because VISEO's ETL teams were not trained on this solution. They had to undergo accelerated training in order to meet the client's expectations. 

A collaborative work 

5 internal actors worked together with the VISEO teams: 4 people from the IT and a business key user. "We worked with the project team on the few complementary design workshops," recalls Caroline, "and in particular on the technical specifications part (interfaces between the different solutions). We also worked together on the presentation of the solution and we were in support on the IT revenue.» 

The solution has been successfully deployed in the United Kingdom and is now ready to be deployed in the rest of the world: VISEO teams will also provide training and in-store deployment support. "Thus, concludes Caroline, Cegid Y2 proves that it is particularly well suited to the creation of a unified purchasing path": on the one hand, by optimizing stocks and effectively managing upstream goods flows, and on the other hand by offering an enhanced experience that integrates all new omnichannel consumption modes. "For VISEO, it is also the first successful experience of collaboration between our Data and Retail teams, with a project managed by a common and multidisciplinary team."    


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