VISEO Design Sprint offer

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VISEO Design Sprint offer

You have ideas. You need buy-in. Let us help! In 5 days and for little budget, we design, test and present ideas with proven business potential.

Today, more than ever, businesses need to save time and money. Today, more than ever, businesses need to innovate. How might businesses quickly and economically gather, prototype and test their ideas while engaging expert designers using proven design techniques? Look no further than the VISEO, one-week design sprint.


VISEO Design Sprint offer

VISEO Design Sprint is based on the design thinking approach, with a time limit. The concept of design sprint was created by Google Ventures, and VISEO design team adapted it to our customers’ profiles. A team of two UX designers will accompany you in this process, organize the interviews, facilitate the workshops, design the prototype and test it with users.


VISEO Design Sprint schedule

The global organization is as described below, but we are flexible and, based on our understanding of your needs, we will come up with a personalized plan.


Day 1: We sit with stakeholders to study ideas and imagine ways to execute. We prepare the workshops and the user interviews.


Day 2: We interview end users to obtain insights about the problems at hand. We organize short workshops with the stakeholders, in order to gather received insights and prioritize them.


Days 3 & 4: We build a prototype that brings an idea to life. This prototype can be a low-fi prototype on paper or an online interactive hi-fi prototype.


Day 5: We test our prototype with end users and collect immediate feedback. Then we wrap up with the gained knowledge.


At the end of the week, we gather our discoveries, prepare our stakeholders to pitch their ideas to upper management, and highlight all unexpected opportunities unearthed during our time together.


If you have an idea, don’t take it to the grave, bring it to the VISEO Design Studio! We lead value-driven projects that foster ideation and empower businesses.


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