Retail Insights Webinar Series


Retail Insights Webinar Series

Retailers like you must adapt to the ‘new normal’ and look to enhance their business processes. To help you with this quest, VISEO is hosting a webinar series to discuss how youcan boost your business by leveraging technology solutions including tools for time management, planning, customers insights, and omnichannel solutions. 

Find here the program of all our webinars. To know more about our offers and services, do not hesitate to contact us!


E2E Retail Journey

Thursday, September 24th - 1:00 PM SGT

During this webinar you will discover how to leverage E2E Retail Platform to improve Customer and User experience through integration between solutions.


We will show case a Retail End-to-End flow from Web to finance through on-line/offline sales, customer 360, commissions… with CEGID POS, Shopify, Salescloud, Anaplan and SAP S4/HANA.




Time Management Journey

Thursday, October 8th - 1:00 PM SGT

This webinar gives you the best ways to optimize your Workforce time management from Forecast/schedule until time clocking.


Create and manage an engaged workforce with Kronos solutions on cloud:

- Time and Attendance (Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance efficiently with an advanced automated solution) 
- Forecasting and Scheduling (Schedule/forecasting capabilities based on historical data to improve schedule effectiveness and optimize labor distribution)
- Analytics (Workforce data and analytics embedded in the same platform let users access actionable visualizations and KPIs with no separate platform required)
- Integration (with any other system (master data system, payroll, production, etc) thanks to the Dell Boomi development platform)
- Device Management (Manage your time with accuracy and precision with a data collection solution designed for organizational success)




Pre-season Journey

Thursday, October 22nd - 1:00 PM SGT

During this webinar you will see how you can plan your retail planning through some applications on cloud with Anaplan.


Fasten the entire buying process, from collection plans to store setups, and make buyers and merchandisers increase their collaboration:



- Define strategic offers and financial targets for next seasons & collections
- Build OTB targets and range plans (assortment guidelines)




- Define clustering strategy for all zones and channels
- Prepare optimal assortment plans and merch recommendations
- Simulate sales potential and buy quantities vs OTB
- Monitor KPI such as sell through, revenues, purchases and margins
- Calculate setup and bulk quantities to anticipate initial allocations and replenishment needs




- Analyze Buys vs OTB / Range Plan / LY
- Support shared KPIs and analysis of buying strategy among teams 




Omnichannel - Store Journey

Thursday, November 5th - 1:00 PM SGT

This webinar gives you the best ways to optimise your Store Operations with Front & Back Office with CEGID and how to improve Customers and Users experiences:

  • An overview of CEGID solution
  • Loyalty Management and advanced comprehensive sales conditions/promotions
  • Order management & click and collect



Omnichannel - eCommerce Journey

Thursday, November 19th - 1:00 PM SGT

During this webinar, you will see how to extend your digital commerce experience and propose more touch points to customers and B2B partners, offer consistency for your brands across countries and explore new markets.


Now you are online.


E-commerce has no boarders and once a brand is online, the question will be “how to extend” to other countries, to other platforms, to other targets?...


In this webinar, we will introduce a few tools and strategies to help extend the digital commerce blueprint, while keeping control on your brand assets.


Product management for centralised information, country or brand clone sites, support for local distributors, marketplace distribution, get the right tips to be visible everywhere with the same branding and speech, and more simplicity in content management.


Omnichannel - Order Journey

Thursday, December 3rd - 1:00 PM SGT

It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next in today’s climate. But it is easy to be ready for whatever it is. With flexible omnichannel order management.


Stores being forced to close, problems in a warehouse, supply chain delays, issues with a delivery service, or rapidly evolving customer expectations: There are many things that can potentially wreak havoc on your ability to sell and generate revenue


But over the last few months, we have seen some retailers react flexibly and rapidly, changing their order fulfillment models at unprecedented speed to continue serving their customers.


A best of breed Order Management System underpins this flexibility

  • Do you face out of stock issues?
  • Do you want to improve the lead time for Click&Collect?
  • Would you like to turn some of your stores into dark stores?
  • Do you want to be able to offer split shipments or tracking links for orders? 
  • Do you want to streamline your returns process?

Join our demo and live Q&A session to find out how a best of breed Order Management System can help you deliver these things and more.




Consumer Engagement Retail Journey

Thursday, December 17th - 1:00 PM SGT

During this webinar, you will see how to leverage the Salesforce Platform to increase consumer engagement and satisfaction.



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