Focus on: IWD 2023's interview about our POSH Training at VISEO APJ


Focus on: IWD 2023's interview about our POSH Training at VISEO APJ

For several years now, VISEO has been committed to a CSR approach and more specifically, in 2022, VISEO has set its guideline which focuses on three key issues:

  • Use the digital job as a vehicle of social emancipation
  • Offer the opportunity to contribute to the group dynamic,
  • Act for a sustainable digital future.  

What is the POSH law?

[Bhargabi] This is the Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act (POSH), passed in 2013 and implemented in India. The main objective of the POSH Act is to promote equality and protect the dignity of every woman. To achieve this, the law specifies ensuring a safe and secure working environment for every woman.


How does Bhargabi intervene concretely at VISEO APJ to meet this law?

[Bhargabi] We launched a women's rights awareness program, established an internal complaints committee that is mandatory under the POSH Act and continue to develop it. We have also provided employees with a detailed explanation of the procedures to follow in the event of sexual harassment and the penalties that apply. The entire scope of the law has therefore been clearly explained, and all the requirements of the law for the establishment of the various bodies have already been met.


What does this training bring from an employee point of view?

[Kaustov] When you are not familiar with the law, it is difficult to understand all the ins and outs, the different components, and all the important practices of the law. This type of training allows you to understand the most important aspects of the POSH regulations. To go over the do's and don'ts. It helps us create a safer and healthier environment for women in the workplace.


What are the next steps to be taken at VISEO APJ?

[Kaustov] At VISEO, we will continue to train our employees on sexual harassment, but we will also train all newcomers. And every time there is a change in the law, we will update the content of the training so that employees are also aware of the new requirements.


Bhargabi, in conclusion, why is it important today to raise awareness about these issues?

There are certain inherent rights that belong to each and every one of us simply because we are born as human beings, and no one can take these rights away from us. It is the right to equality, dignity, security and freedom, and as right-thinking members of society, it is our responsibility to make everyone aware of this issue. It is also very important that there are CSR activities in all companies, as there are in VISEO, because it is the duty of all of us to raise awareness of these rights so that everyone can live a dignified and enjoyable life.