AWS re:Invent: 5 key new features to remember


AWS re:Invent: 5 key new features to remember

Following the sum-up of AWS re:Invent 2021 in AWS France, our architects shared the new features of this latest edition with our teams. Didier ROUSSEAU, Cloud Practice Manager VISEO, and his team of AWS experts, present five key new features to remember! Find out more about them.  

CSR at the heart of innovation 

- The range of ARM Graviton 3 processors reduces electrical consumption by 50% to 70% while delivering the same power (on many types of applications, but not all). Beyond the cost reduction (approximately 30%, or even more) on the invoice, this rational use of electrical resources aligns with VISEO's CSR approach. 

- In the same spirit, 'AWS Well-Architected' goes from 5 pillars to 6 pillars, adding 'Sustainability', which focuses on reducing the environmental impacts of running workloads in the cloud. 


Data valuation applied to customer use cases 

'Amazon SageMaker Canvas' allows us to quickly demonstrate the possible data valuations on our customers' concrete use cases, before moving on to a complete integration project. This tool's no (low) code approach allows customers to more easily involve their business lines and carry out projects alongside us. 

The integration of 'Athena' and 'AWS Step Functions' also makes it possible to effectively perform data manipulation tasks. 


Modernization of applications: The Serverless approach at the heart of application redesigns 

VISEO offers its customers 'Modernization of Applications', both in the strategic approach and in the concrete implementation. The Serverless approach is often at the heart of these application redesigns.  

The 'AWS lambda Event filtering' evolution limits the number of Lambda triggers, thus reducing costs. But this also makes it possible to reduce the source code of the Lambda itself, making the application more reliable overall. 

Additionally, 'Ephemeral Storage' (up to 10 GB) can be used to significantly increase the size of the files being processed, for example for data analyses before or after injection into a data lake. 

As part of this Serverless spirit, 'S3 data plane notification' allows you to publish your events on EventBridge, opening the way for better integration of S3 events as a source on an event bus.    


Dev & DevOps: new tools to improve development quality 

- 'Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer' is a set of tools for detecting security flaws and automating code reviews, integrating machine learning for code review. This makes it possible to replace external tools that are sometimes very expensive.  

 - 'AWS Amplify Studio' is a set of tools and features specifically designed for front-end web and mobile developers to quickly and easily build complete applications on AWS. 

This studio allows visual configuration of data, connection of the cloud back-end workload to your front-end user interface in a few simple steps, and an integrated CLI. 

- 'AWS CloudWatch Real User Monitoring' (RUM), thanks to an agent, allows us to capture response times and incidents on the customer's machine. This increases the sources of information for the quality of the developments made.  


Finally, what about the infrastructure? 

The architectural points are not left out with: 

- 'Amazon S3 Glacier Instant retrieval' as a new object storage class  

- For 'EBS Snapshot Archive' block storage  

- And Karpenter, which is an open-source, flexible and powerful Kubernetes cluster autoscaler built with and for AWS. 

- Finally, VPC IPAM makes it easy to organize IP addresses based on routing and security needs and to define simple rules to govern IP address allocation. 


In conclusion, the new features highlighted above are particularly useful for our expertise in modernizing applications to the cloud, which we provide to our customers on AWS (also other Cloud Service Providers). 


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