5 Tips for getting the most of Anaplan Connect


5 Tips for getting the most of Anaplan Connect

Anaplan Connect events are back on the calendar following the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, you can give your video conferencing app a break and get back to face-to-face networking. In-person networking presents some challenges. It can be tricky meeting the right people in a crowded room/expo hall during brief coffee breaks. If you do not approach these events with a plan, you could walk away without a single business card in your pocket. So, here are our top five tips to help you network at Anaplan Connect.

What can we expect? A room full of 5000+ people, a full program with inspiring speakers and plenty of stimuli for the senses. It’s been so long; we’re feeling a little out of practice! 

Before sharing our tips, can we make sure that you have already registered? If not, join our dynamic community of business leaders and Anaplan experts at one of our Anaplan Connect participation from Singapore to Paris. It will be the occasion for you to discover new ways to see, plan and lead your organisation with clarity and confidence. More information here for Anaplan Connect in Singapore


Now that you registered, let's deep dive into our tips! 


Tip #1 Know your objectives

What do you want to get out of your day? Are there specific people you want to meet? Or products you want to discover? With so much to grab your attention in one room on one day, you don’t want to leave it all to chance. Make a note of what you’re looking to achieve from your experience, and you’ll go into the hall with purpose in your stride.  


Tip # 2 Plan your experience

Once you know your objectives, plan your experience. The Anaplan Connect Portal is full of useful resources to help you plan your day. You can find the Portal in your registration confirmation email from Anaplan. The portal lists the full Anaplan Connect program so you can decide which talks align with your objectives. Make use of the portal’s tool to help you build your own agenda. If there are specific people you want to meet – speakers, exhibitors, your network contacts – or discussions you want to have, reach out in advance and schedule a catch up.  


Tip #3 Be open to spontaneity

Let’s face it, an event like this should also be fun! So as part of your objectives and plan for the day, make sure you’re allowing yourself some time and space to go where inspiration takes you. Cruise the hall and see what takes your fancy! You never know who or what you’ll discover!  


Tip #4 Dress the part

It might seem obvious, but if you’re anything like us, it’s probably been a while since you’ve been on your feet at an event like this! With many of us having worked from home for so long, we’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be out and about at an all-day event! Take time to plan what you’ll wear. Also, remember you’re there representing a brand – whether it’s your business, your personal brand or both. So how do you want to present yourself? Also, practical, comfortable shoes will go a long way!  


Tip #5 Learn from the Anaplan ecosystem

One of the best parts of the various Anaplan Connect, is the connections you make via the Anaplan ecosystem. It is a meeting point of interesting people and ideas all in the one space to help inspire you on your Anaplan journey. Listen to the customer talks, meet exhibitors. Open your mind to the experience in the room, it won’t disappoint! This is the biggest Anaplan gathering we’ve had in Singapore, Paris and New York for a very long time now and there’ll be so many passionate people in the Anaplan ecosystem who will be feeling pumped just to simply be there. 

So there you have it, our five tips to help you make the most of your Anaplan Connect experience! Follow these tips, and you’ll have a memorable and fulfilling day.  


VISEO Group is a Gold Sponsor of Anaplan Connect in Singapore, Paris and New York. Are you coming? Make sure you stop by our booth! We’ve got some fun surprises in store for you, too, so stop by and say hello!  


5 Tips for getting the most of Anaplan Connect